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When we first joined Wealthy Affiliate many of us were probably scammed along the way in the past (I know I was one of these who got scammed a few times).I was about to give up this so-called make money online scheme believing these were all the same just a bunch of scams. I can’t remember how I found WA online but because it stated I could try for free I thought let’s check it out and if this was another hoax then that's it no more for me.Free Starter MembershipThis as I said was w
Hi all First of all sorry for not being able to answer or comment on any replies or posts yesterday.Yesterday morning my time all was great I helped all that I could in WA, then around early afternoon started to feel a bit more tired than usual and start to feel some tension in my shoulders and chest.Because of my heart condition, My family insisted that they take me to the Emergency Hospital just in case. So I finally agreed and went as there was no way I was going to win this battle with them
March 03, 2021
Regardless of what you are doing in life, always appreciate the essential aspect of life itself. You, that is the inner light that resides not only within you but around you.It does not matter if you are spiritual, religious, or otherwise.It does not matter what type of work you do in life. You could be homeless or a top executive in a multi-million corporation, or even a website owner starting on your online endeavor or one that is already successful online. None of this matters until you valu
Hi AllI recently did a blog here on Ambassadors discussed how wonderful it is to see many of my closest family members moving up the ladder and settling in the Ambassador section to which they thoroughly and rightfully deserve to be.I was thinking after that blog was posted I came across the idea about attitude seemed to roll off from the original post on Ambassa
Do you have a problem with the training that is giving you an attitude or is your attitude the problem and not the training?Perhaps you haven’t developed the right attitude to solve the problems you are facing.We all have so much training here that Wealthy Affiliate us For many, the amount of training we have can be overwhelming especially when your first start, but if you develop the right attitude you will be better able to sail through all the stormy weather that will come your way,
March 01, 2021
Over the last few months, I have noticed some awesome and wonderful souls who have been doing very well here within Wealthy Affiliate.I have been here for 7 years now, and it's amazing to see those who were newbies over the last, let’s say 12 months or less, have risen to greater heights than they themselves could have possibly imagined.How did they get that high so quickly?Simply by following what Kyle has given with becoming an Ambassador?
February 27, 2021
Wonderful to open the computer first thing in the morning and be able to catch up with emails, be able to reply to many wonderful members. Once I did my morning procedure I then normally look down the dashboard and look for any new blogs, questions, etc. As I was scrolling down I saw the Top Ten Training and bingo there I was lost within all of Kyle pieces of training at number 2Out of the Top Ten, there were only two other members within there outside of Kyle. Dev (ThatGuyDev) here is his trai
Hi AllJust wanted to let you know that I have just finished training on looking at other options when doing Keyword research showing you the choices you can have without the need to pay anything.Of course, they have paid plans but you don't need to do thatSo if you are interested in looking at other options for your keyword research check it out.Here is the training link know I am still endorsing the use of Jaaxy as your main ke
I just received a notification From WA a couple of minutes now I am officially been here for 7 yearsNice to know and receive acknowledgment for the time here.Definitely worth my time being a member at WA and being able to share, help and support others while I canTo my fellow family members, I would like to thank you for your constant support and help over the years and certainly been a pleasure getting to know many of you, some more than others along our journey here in WA.I am so grateful to
Here within Wealthy Affiliate, we have two wonderful features designed to help us improve our websites.That is Site Comments and Site FeedbackA few years back, we didn’t have the two separate options members who would go to someone's website and either give a comment or feedback.Unfortunately, this went in many different directions and not always in the best of ways.Some would offer useless comments that had nothing to do with our posts. (nothing new but is being fixed now)Some would off