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I know this won't go well with many here and I don't really care.Yes for many this week is a special and holy week with Good Friday that just passed and Easter Sunday to come shortly.I do hope you enjoy your day whether you celebrate this occasion or not.However, there are rules to be obeyed here within WA one of them is not to post-religious content as that is against the rules.Rule 15: No Faith or Religion Based PostsI can understand it is your faith and you a strongly passionate about it but
Hi AllIt's nearly 1.15 am Friday 2/4/201 so no this is not an April fool's joke so let's get that out of the way.Just going through my email before I head off to sleep. Been a long day.As I was going through the emails I saw one from WA as per below. you will also note the date and time of the email so your know I just got itCertainly is gratifying to see the training you give to others is appreciated and as a result, you get rewarded and paid with credits that can be cashed in if need be but w
About four hours ago I finished off a new post on one of my websites. Then as usual got it indexed straight away with Google's search console and also Bing webmaster tools.Just got a notification from WA that the same post got indexed with Google I went to check it with Jaaxy and at the moment is no 1 page one with Yahoo.As you can also see the scans are zero and Jaaxy hasn't done any automatic searched as yet.I had to do this manually and the results came out.This happened to me on another pos
We, like Wealthy Affiliate members, are more than fortunate to not only have Kyle and Carson helping us along the way with the training and many resources we received.Apart from joining WA directly under Kyle or Carson for many, not all when we signed up here in we became a referral to a particular person we call a mentor.Many great mentors give great value, and some members whose so-called mentor mentally does diddly squat in helping their referrals other than collecting their recurring commis
Not only is it a Birthday as today I turned 63, but the meaning in the numbers given holds a special meaning and added confirmation from above. This is of more importance than just a BirthdayWhy is this Birthday so important than any Other Birthday?I had to put them in but Let me explain.I know some here know about Numerology and the meaning of numbers as and such when you read into it further, it has much-added meaning.For me, confirmation to some things I have been meditating on for a while.L
Early today I saw a member asking about the difference between Blog Posts created here and our post we create on our website.I let the member know that first, we should focus on our content via our website but also let her know that any blog posts we create in Wealthy Affiliate can also rank.To me, that was the end of that and later on today I was working on creating more links and possibly some training eventuallyWhen I came upon this blog I created below here within Wealthy Affiliate.I decide
There are many of my friends here who are spiritual in one way or another. Some don't care and some who, well, let's say we can agree to disagree on some things, but you are still my friend all the same.For starters, Remember this:That part is that, so let's enjoy life just being you.Here are some favorites.For the business worker, are these your thoughts when you are sitting there doing nothing because you think no one can see, and you are visualizing how you would like your office to be?Just
Over the years during my spiritual journey in life, I have learned many things in various areas of the Psychic realm amongst other areas, yet, there is so much more I still need to learn and accomplish and even accept for the greater purpose.All my learning is with the light (before you start thinking otherwise) never on the dark side but also aware of that as well.Hearing Voices Receiving MessagesOne lesson I have had is that when a message is received there is an importance that needs to be
March 10, 2021
How do you feel today? Are you letting your age get the better of you?Are you placing barriers to your life in what you do?Are you Smiling?It doesn't matter if you are a young teenager or a more Sprightly mature aged person. You are what you feel. Do you have life within you or have you closed the doors to your life inside? Do not procrastinate by saying I am too old to do this or that. Or I am still young so I will wait for the right time.There are no restrictions in lifeDon't place restrictio
March 8th 2021 marks a special moment in World history and rightly so. It is international Women's DayShort History Long PostA Finnish lady by the name of Clara Zetkin brought forth this idea in 1910 and after a short while as stated below International Woman’s Day became officially accepted and reality all around the world to bring forth their demands as part of being accepted in the male-dominant world in many areas.In the USA the woman’s day movement for pay, hours, and rights