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Last Update: April 29, 2019

This is mostly aimed for our newbies and recently newbies however those members who have been here for a while and may be struggle at times some of what is below may be of a great reminder and even re-visit some areas that may have been missed or forgotten.

Firstly to all newbies.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

As you begin to get more involved within WA you will start to feel at home and along with the many wonderful members here already, many you will consider as family as you become accustomed to WA and all it has to offer.

I know I have many here who are more family to me than many of my blood family. Here you will that we have many things in common.

You want to make something of your life in this online world and know that the family you have here feel and believe in the same way as you do.

We are alll here to learn how to build a solid foundation to our website but you will find we are here to support you, help you, believe in you and thank you in return for being part of this global community Wealthy Affiliate is known to be .

Benefits for you

As you know by now for those who have taken the option of the free memberships you have before you two Siterubix websites that you can build upon as you go through the two training sessions given you for free to try and wet your feet.

The training lessons are here to help you understand the many how to's in website building and what is needed before you build a website with the main part known as Your Niche.

The above is just one of Kyle's training lessons of this most important aspect for your future website.

If you type niche in the question box at the middle top you will find other training or blogs about the Niche.

As you learn to build that solid foundation to your website(s) along with the training you will learn the right way to earn an income online.

Depending on your own input in making this work, the time factor in earning online will depend on how successful you want to be and how much effort you are willing to put in to achieve your goals and dreams.

For starter members you have now taking one step forward in becoming a successful online marketer.

Some you may earn within a couple of months but mostly for others it may take even up to six months to earn some incom as as stated above this will be based on not just applying what you learn from the training but very imporantly on how much effort your are willing to take to make this work.

Your success is determined on how much you want to put into making your website grow to reach the level of success you have been seeking and more.

If you don't put in the effort that the results will show this. So you may want to reassess the reasons you came here for.

The training is here to help you learn the right way to success online.

So it is important to follow all the lessons in the order given and make sure you don't skip any lessons as all lessons are vital.

That is why they are given in a ertain order Kyle and Carson both know what they are talking about and have walked the talk and now they are sharing the talk of the walk they took just with added benefits many Started and Premium members have found.

Remember two things

1) You are 100% responsible for the effort you put here and in your life.


2) You are 100% responsible for the effort you don't put here or in your life.

So these two things become your choice either be 100% responsible for your actions or not.

That is your decision to make and no one's else.

Now if you wish to just stay as a free member after your trial period then that is fine and up to you.

Just think of why you came here in the first place.

If you started as a free member and just want to see if this is for you then that's great at least you took one step forward.

Just remember to get anywhere further down the track taking just one step will not get you to your desired destination.

If you feel you can gain a few free tips and believe that is all you need then good luck with that I wish you well.

I do look forward to hearing from you once more when you realise there is much more to the online world if you want to be successful and welcome you back.

If you feel that this is for you and you want to go forward I also wish you every success going forward.

For those who decide that they want to be successful and want to go forward then you have the choice of becoming a premium member and along with that comes many more training lessons from Kyle but also Jay's weekly lessons not to mention the many other training sessions so many members have to offer their fellow family members here at home with Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you commence your training you will find much valuable information available to you that will not only help you build that solid foundation to your website but also with your own effort and determination to succeed will help you reap the rewards of finding success in your life whatever that may be.

Know that anyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member is able to first dip their toes in the online world you are able to start with a couple of free website along with the valuable training Kyle and Carson have provided.

So got through the training, apply what your have learned, Belifve in yourself and in all you do and make sure you areenjoying al ou do in life.

For those who just joined and not sure where to start you can either click the Training to your left and then click the Online Entrepreneur Certification which is the best way to learn.

or click the link below

Remember you can always go back to re-visit a training regardless if you are a starter or Premium.

Before you start it doesn't hurt to look around the site here in Wealthy Affilaite a great way is to click your profile image to your left and you will see the System Tour which will give you just a short snippet of what is available some as a starter and some should you wish to go Premium.

Wishing you every success available

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Wolfe222 Premium
Great post Andre!
If I would have read your post back then, I'm sure that it wouldn't have taken all this time to get serious about WA.
Truly appreciate the reminder of why we are here and how we can get the most of it!
apache1 Premium
Thank you Marc for that but you are here now and that is all that matters.
Wishing you great success going forwards

Ahimbe Premium
What a reminder for us to ponder why we joined this platform. This is an excellent blog thank you.
apache1 Premium
Thank you, Edgar, for your kind words.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead with much joy in all you do.

Scwebu Premium
Wow, this is good Andre.
apache1 Premium
Thank you Sandikazi

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

DeniseAS Premium
Great message, thank you for sharing. Have a great day.
apache1 Premium
Thank you, Denise, keep going forward you are going great which is awesome to hear

Enjoy the rest of your week and today.

marchanna Premium
this is the key of keys, isn't it? well said:

'1) You are 100% responsible for the effort you put here and in your life.


2) You are 100% responsible for the effort you don't put here or in your life.'
apache1 Premium
Thank you Marc I believe so and as I stated not just here but in life as well.

Thank you Marc

Have a great week ahead