My Angel's Birthday today

Last Update: June 20, 2020

How the years have changed but Ariel will always be my Angel

So won't be on here today as I have more important things to do and that is to celebrate my Angel's birthday. My Daughter Ariel is turning 23 today 21 June to it's party party party

Love her to bits.

Years ago when she was born I went to a New Age bookstore and saw a Book of Angels and their associations with Names.

When I looked up the Archangel Ariel I found that this angel is associated with my Name. Ironically when I looked up my son's name Michael he is associated with My wife's name.

How cool is that?

Anyway enjoy your day as I am already enjoying my morning.

Andre (Apache1)

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TherapyJet Premium
Have a wonderful day Andre and blessings to your beautiful daughter. My little angel just turned 10 on Tuesday...time passes so quickly! For her first birthday / thanksgiving combo we had a reading by Douglas Pagels (not him personally - just one of his beautiful poems :)) It's called "May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side." Check it out when you have a sec - I think you'll like it.
Happy birthday Ariel!
megawinner Premium
I can relate much. I have an only child, a daughter. My precious and our joy with my wife. Florentino
JKulk1 Premium
Happy birthday to your Angel Andre. Enjoy yourselves. Jim
lesabre Premium
Hi Andre, what a beautiful post about your Daughter. Happy Birthday Ariel.
Andre your post screams out pride, joy and love. She is obviously a fine young lady who deservedly has a very proud father.

Best wishes to the both of you,
FrankB-1 Premium
Have a great day, Andre!
You’re a lucky guy.