Happy Mother's Day To All

Last Update: May 11, 2019

This Sunday May 12th is Mother's Day here in Australia and indeed in many parts of the world.

I just wanted to wish all regardless if you celebrate this on the same day or on another date as some countries do.

Happy Mother's Day

May your day be full of love, Joy and filled with many blessings that you deserve and more. Take this moment to reflect with the fact you gave life and continue to give love as your children grow and even as adults they will also be your babies.

There are many type of Mum's out there in this world.


Without our Grandmothers or great great and so on would would not exist.

Let us also remember and acknowledge all Grandmothers who may be with us at present and those who have changed address to a peaceful world the same place where their love for us came from.

I wish you a very Happy Grandmother's Day and may you feel the love from the many around you for the glory of love you have given and still give to many along the way will always be in out hearts.

You have brought much love and blessing into this world you are truly amazing Grandma's it doesn't matter how many the word great is attached to you.

Know that you are already Great in many eyes for you have filled many lives with love and wonder and now you are given back that love with those around you.

Over your years of growing you went through many hardsips that many of us now still take for granted yet you persevered and continued to share the love from your heart to us and give us more than we could even be greatful for.

All the Grandmothers are really are true source in inspiration and totally amazing with all you have given and been through

For that alone I honor all Grandmothers and thank you regardless if you are a relative or not you are just love.


Here we have many Mothers who may not have reached the Grandmother side but still continue the Grandmother's way of giving love to your children you brought into this world.

It does not matter how many children you have it could be 1, 2 7 or more. You may have twins, triplets or more. You have given a lot from your heart to those you brought live into this world.

Yes mothers who gave birth have gone though the various stages of struggles of carrying that weight within you for a long time and still many have gone through the pain, stress and struggles during birth as well.

Know that though all this (maybe not at the exact moment during birth) but on the whole know that all that you went through during this time the end result has been worth it.

For when you see that bundle of Joy held into your arms.

Cherish that moment, remember it when times get a bit tough and feel that moment of wonder knowing that you helped create and bring life into this world.

Mothers who Adopt

Here we may have some who may not be able to have their own and some who love to have more along with those they already have yet want to share greater love to those children who have lost much in their precious lives.

To these mothers who choose adoption you have my full gratitude for you have given more of yourself to those who need love the most during their growing days of life.

Thank you for the selfless act of love you have given or are about to give. Truly you are a remarkable woman

To you I give much thanks for all you have done not only caring for your own whether it is 1,2 7 or more but to others you welcomed into your home and heart you are truly awsome and those children I am sure are so grateful to be part of your life and for havinb you as their Mum

Mothers To Be

Here we have the Mothers to Be

Perhaps this may be your first time or you are having more. Regardless you are now able to continue to share that love again and know it will give you muc joy into your heart.

For those new Mothers to be I wish you a very special Mother's Day and know that you are about to take a new journey into life and those mentoned above.

You are joining the greatest group there could be a group of love that is generating from within you to share with others some of who have not be brought into this world. Perhaps one day you will feel not only that of being a mother but in time to come you will understand what it is like to be a grandmother as well and then you will see the greatest love of all .

Your Grandchildren

Until then cherish the little ones you bring into this world with much love and reverence and joy.

Mothers of a different breed

Here we have a special group of Mothers who may or may have have their own but choose to have a different type of children.

That is in the type of those four legged type could be a dog, cat, birds or other various different breeds that you love to have as your own and some may even be adopted from the various shelters around.

You look beyoung the trees and see the forest when you accept from the shelter. You see the love they have to give and know it will be received back to you because you are the essence of love as it should be.

To you the mother of many different types of love have been given out and shared not only for human life but to other live's outside the human sight.

You have shown that love is not confined to just human's but to be share with all life that is part of this world we live in.

Many of you have all types both human and animal and yet you continue to give as a mother would give. You are blessed in many ways as well. So thank you for being you.

Finally To The Greatest Mum In The World To Me

My Mother

Mum you may have changed address to a greater world filled with light and love but you will always be my Mum and I have and will continue to cherish all you have given me along my growing years.

To many in the world you were known as a Mother to me you are and alwasy will be my world.

I love you Mum and when it is my time to change address we will spend time together in out new home fill with that same love and joy you gave me along the way.

Miss you but always know you are in my heart forever.

Happy Mother's Day to all and my last gift to you is your breakfast in Bed

For Your Special Day A Full Monty Breakfast and if you can't have it all will be next to you to help LOL

To all the Mothers and Mothers to be here in WA

Know that I am priviledged to known you and share our journey here side by side

You are Amazing to me and thank you for being part of me in this world we share.

Love You To Bits And More xoxoxoxo

Happy Mother's Day to all and enjoy all before you for you deserve more

Always by your side


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LLettau1 Premium
Thanks for the tribute to all the mothers. I like the five generation picture. My wife had issues bearing children, so we adopted two girls and they are first cousins to each other by blood.
apache1 Premium
Most welcome Larry wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend
EandS2018 Premium

I almost did not read your post. This weekend and celebration can be tricky. Bitter sweet I suppose. I miss my precious Mother as she too has a different yet the ultimate address.

I read your post at first w tears, I then read it again with a smile.
What a beautiful message and awesome pictures .

Thank you for bringing my walls down a bit.

What an awesome boy Viktorija raised and then to become the man you are now.

Thank you for composing this beautiful message.
I would like to add if I may, may we remember the Mother’s that are here on earth with us yet their babies have a different address than us.

Heaven is so sweet.

apache1 Premium
Thank you, Elaine, hope Scarlett is better as well.

Thank also for those kind words for my Mother and for me I am the lucky one.

Yes, the added part I thought about it but felt I might and there are many that wanted to be mothers for a longer time than it would have been.

It is hard but there are many other reasons for this for all in their learning stages in life. Not always accepted but they are there on a deeper level.

Heaven is sweet and so are both of you as well remember that.
Blessings hugs to you both
EandS2018 Premium

Yes Heaven is sweet and getting sweeter.l
Blessings and hugs right back at ya 😜
apache1 Premium
Hugs to you both as well. Remember all those beautiful moments and cherish what you still have in your hearts.
Blessings be happy for they are at peace at last. xo to your both
TherapyJet Premium
What a beautiful post Andre...you have brought tears to my eyes and a huge swell of love to my heart!
Your mother raised a truly amazing human being and is no doubt very proud of you!
Have a great weekend, much love xxx
apache1 Premium
Thank you Jane so beautiful are the words you have shared here I am touched.

Sorry for the tears but I know those emotions came from the heart and soul of who you are.

Yes my mother is a beautiful soul and I will forever be grateful I was her son and proud of it.

Enjoy your weekend wishing you a Beautiful Mother's Day regardless of the date.

Blessings and thank you xxx


Scwebu Premium
Thank you Andre. Be blessed.

Enjoy your weekend too.
apache1 Premium
Thank you Sandikazi
Have a wonderful weekend yourself
Thanks for your greatings..
apache1 Premium
Thank you Maricel

wishing you a wonderful and joyful weekend