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March 20, 2018
Hi All As many members will know there are many forms of scams, but this is mainly for newbies and recent newbies along with some others who may be unaware of cush scams That is being told to take this particular apple you bite into may resolve any issues you are facing or seem to be facing because someone told you so. You are just being lead in the wrong direction should you take their offer. In this case being scammed. Of course I can't shown the actual Apple Ican as that is copywright but I
March 07, 2018
Today March 8 is a very important and long overdue day, The United Nation calls today as United Nations day that celebrates Women's Rights and International Peace. It is also known as International Women's Day as well.To me this is more than just a political agenda as some would make it be.It is really more on recognising that women's have rights to many opportunities not just regarding work and equal pay. But more recognising women as fellow souls of the light for we are all part of the same c
March 04, 2018
Recently we have seen an increase in low life's trying to either spam, solicit, hit on and even try to steal referrals from other members.Recently I had a new referral who became Premium within the week and they are going forward in the right direction which is awesome,But when looking at the comments welcoming this member (thank you to those real members who have much appreciated) I noticed a member who is also Premium solicit my referral.How low can you get? I have already sent this person th
February 24, 2018
I just went to check one of my website and just got the message that I just earned my 4 years dedication Badge I plan on being here for many more years going forward.This is such an awesome community to be with.Have a great weekend to all I know.NamasteAndre
February 23, 2018
Hi AllIf you don't mind please welcome Vanna who is not only a new member to our beautiful community but also just became a new Premium member as well. Thanks to all concerned.NamasteAndre
February 22, 2018
Here in Wealthy Affiliate we have what is called Pay It Forward where we help others within the WA community in various ways.Remember Wealthy Affiliate is not just about how to make money but how to connect with your visitors who may read your posts and in turn if you provide what they are seeking they will decide to take you up on the offer you have given them. The same goes for your fellow members here you are also provided them with the answers they are seeking for their own interest. You m
February 21, 2018
When times are tough and you struggle in life, you say to yourself and to others.I just need a miracle because I know what I want BUT it just seems impossible to get what I want. As time goes on you wonder why you didn’t get what you wanted. You know why this happened? Reality Check!! "You don't get what you want, you get what you expected." This is because you already told yourself that what you want is impossible. (Read the underlined words of the second line. This is what you to
February 19, 2018
How do you feel today? Are you letting your age get the better of you? Are you placing barriers to your life in what you do? It doesn't matter if you are a young teenager or a more Sprightly matured aged person. You are what you feel. Do you have life within you or have you closed the doors to your life inside. Do not procrastinate by saying I am too old to do this or that. Or I am still young so I will wait for the right time. Don't place restrictions on yourself. Don't also allow oth
February 06, 2018
Have you updated your Wordpress? Just a couple days ago Wordpress released their 4.9.3 update however it seems this contained a bug (don't they always) which creates possible problems for anyone wanting to do automatic background updates it may cause it to fail and you may need WA or yourself to fix if you have the skills.To remedy this Wordpress just release a fix with their update to 4.9.4 that fixes this issue.Don't forget to do backups before updated to any Wordpress or any other plugins u
February 05, 2018
Although I already have an About Me page on my website I always wanted to create an About Me Widget which I had trouble doing.Then I remembered that one of our great Ambassadors in Marion created a training on how to do it.I followed her training which was so easy to learn from and now I have the About me widget on one of my sites.Thank you Marion for a such a valuable training lesson.If you want to learn how to do the same this is Marion's training link on About Me Text Widget below.https://my