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September 18, 2017
Hi AllAre you updating those old blog posts or pages you made ages ago?Have their ranking status decreased as a result of in-action?If you haven't updated them now is the time to do so and as a result you will see the benefits this will have in gaining the upper hand in ranking your posts back when it should be, at the top or the at the very least on the first page with the search engines.Let me show you why.A couple of days ago 17th Sept Australian time I was doing a check on the ranking of s
August 30, 2017
Last night I was watching a Wayne Dyer clip on YouTube and he mentioned much of his inspiration and learning came from a dear friend in Louise Hay then they showed Louise who was in the front row listening to Dr Wayne Dyer.I woke up this morning to hear from a good dear friend of the passing of this wonderful and inspirational soul. Louise Hay 1926 - 30th August 2017Louise passed away at the age of 90 yet still is and always will be an inspiration to many including myself.For those who may not
June 18, 2017
Just found a newspaper article here in Australia of a couple who have been scamming people for around $100,000 to date offering items that have been paid for and never delivered.The police are on the hunt for them there are pictures of them in the article so for any Aussie's here if you recognized them call the police we don't need these type ruining our attempt to help visitors online with genuine websites.All the fake websites do have the .au at the end but that doesn't generally mean it is j
May 14, 2017
Hi AllMany of us are aware of the many scams sent to our emails with the hope that we follow their procedures which will allow the scammers to have access.Below is the latest I received this morning and wanted to let you know.For the Newbies who may not be awareFor the newbies in particular who may not be aware never open such emails as you will leave yourself open and could lose not only your access in getting to your account but also any monies you may have. Such scams also gives them the add
April 28, 2017
Hi AllJust wanted to share some Powerful Words that can be used not only within your personal life but when you read into these words you will see that this also applies to you as a content writer and as a website owner. These words come from a Wisdom Book written by Don Miguel RuizIt has been called The Four Agreements.Of course there is more to the book but for this purpose the meanings of these Four Agreements really speak for themselves. The First Agreement Be Impeccable with Your Word The
March 11, 2017
This is short and sweet. Dedicated to all Newbies and not so newbies who may at times be struggling a bit with your website.You are in the right place here in Wealthy Affiliate.Believe in yourself and always keep going forwards.As AlwaysNamaste