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December 07, 2017
Hi All No I am not leaving this place my yearly doesn't expire till next year which will be renewed then.The reason for some time off is that the other day I went to a funeral for a long close friend who I met back in the 90's. We both went to Spiritualist Groups together, done our own card readings together at Psychic fairs or in our own homes, involved in meditation groups and even held some of our own. Gal (Galina) (Us Australians love to create short names) has been an inspiration to me fro
December 04, 2017
Today 5th Dec 2017 I received another scam from someone pretending to be PayPal stating that they didn’t recognize a device or location that was recently used to log into my PayPal account. This is not the first time such attempts have been made in order for me to believe and click their link and provide my details for them to fix. Below is a snapshot of what they sent me. I have blanked out my full email for privacy.Please note that PayPal will not send you any emails like this nor wou
October 26, 2017
Wealthy Affiliate has raised the stakes yet again with massive additions to SiteContent. Many members have already read Carson’s post regarding PageSpeed Insights and SiteContent images however there are also many who may not have gotten the opportunity or even aware of such improvements. So this is for you and if you have anyone for example that may have a question that relates to this or on live chat who may have a question then save this post, create a tag and give them the link.
October 25, 2017
Just a quick reminder to all those who are affiliates with Amazon.You should by now know that the aStore feature will be retired on the 27th October 2017. So if you haven't got your act together I suggest you change any links, images that you may have relating to the aStore.For further in depth details on this and how it will affect you then log in to your Amazon affiliate site and at the top you should see this noticeImportant NoticeWe are retiring the aStore feature on October 27, 2017. For m
October 25, 2017
I trust Divine Intelligence to influence my business, and I go from success to success. My business is doing what I love. This is a quote from Louise Hay and one that I feel resonates well here within Wealthy Affiliate.There are many times after going through the lessons here in Wealthy Affiliate where we have been inspired in making things happen with our website. Sometimes there can be moments of frustration and yet there are times we may come upon a quote or an inspirational message from
October 24, 2017
I will do it later "My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today!"Charles DickensEspecially when it relates to all the hard work you have already placed in making your website become the reality you have been seeking for while striving for that financial freedom. Is tomorrow worth losing all you have created today?Back up Now Imagine that you decided to just do all your content on your website and nowhere else perhaps you feel this will save time and added effort You might have
October 16, 2017
First of all Welcome to Wealthy AffiliateNow that you have decided to go premium you will have seen the many benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has for you.If you have just started there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.Although Wealthy Affiliate gives you a great training platform to help you learn the right way to success online with the two free training sessions you have available to you when you first joined along with the two Free Siterubix website that will help you in wettin
September 18, 2017
Hi AllAre you updating those old blog posts or pages you made ages ago?Have their ranking status decreased as a result of in-action?If you haven't updated them now is the time to do so and as a result you will see the benefits this will have in gaining the upper hand in ranking your posts back when it should be, at the top or the at the very least on the first page with the search engines.Let me show you why.A couple of days ago 17th Sept Australian time I was doing a check on the ranking of s
August 30, 2017
Last night I was watching a Wayne Dyer clip on YouTube and he mentioned much of his inspiration and learning came from a dear friend in Louise Hay then they showed Louise who was in the front row listening to Dr Wayne Dyer.I woke up this morning to hear from a good dear friend of the passing of this wonderful and inspirational soul. Louise Hay 1926 - 30th August 2017Louise passed away at the age of 90 yet still is and always will be an inspiration to many including myself.For those who may not
June 18, 2017
Just found a newspaper article here in Australia of a couple who have been scamming people for around $100,000 to date offering items that have been paid for and never delivered.The police are on the hunt for them there are pictures of them in the article so for any Aussie's here if you recognized them call the police we don't need these type ruining our attempt to help visitors online with genuine websites.All the fake websites do have the .au at the end but that doesn't generally mean it is j