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The other day I wrote a blog post here about what happens when you type your domain name into Google.This resulted from a question asked in chat and also if it is a good thing to have your website mentioned with another website.In other words, there was a backlink from another site to this member’s site which was good to have in their case., let’s quickly talk about backlin
This is helpful to newbies along with other members on what happens when you type your domain name into google.A fellow member asked today the question above in fact here is it in full."When I type my domain name into google these other sites show up as well featuring some of my articles. I am wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing?"Thank Tai for the question and if fact your question gave me a nice surprise I didn't even think about until I saw it. Which I will mention in another blo
May 13, 2022
Hi All Finally Back at HomeWent in On Thursday as you know came out very late Friday as there were so many delays with some other people and a couple of emergencies as expected.Had the operation at 9 AM Thursday which finished around 11 AM then was in Recovery Started to wake up around 11.30 am a bit groggy but was fully aware just waiting for my eyes to finally open up gradually.They fused the C4 C5 vertebras as one and in general, the surgery went well s did have some bleeding as you can see
May 11, 2022
Hi AllJust to let you know that the go-ahead for my ACDF surgery is finally going ahead.Today I got my Covid result which was negative this was the last hurdle to get by before surgery so that is good.I got the phone call from the hospital admin to confirm the time I needed to be there and report to the perioperative Unit reception first then go to where I have to be. So I need to be there by 6.30 am as the surgery will be in the morning and will be staying overnight.I will be getting an x-ray
May 07, 2022
Today it is the 8th of May 2022 and wishing all a Happy Mothers DayJust wanted to take some time out to wish All Mothers a Happy Mothers DayYes I know in some countries Mother's day is celebrated at other times some also call it International Woman's day.Despite the date here in Australia and also in many other parts of the world it is mother's dayA time to celebrate and recognize the hard pain and also the effort many mothers need to do to bring up a child into this world.Extra thanksA bonus t
Hi AllSome of you already know that I am to get some spinal cervical surgery called ACDF Fpr those not sure what this is here is an explanation of what it involvesACDF is a short-term for anterior cervical discectomy (decompression) and fusion is an operation through the front of the neck to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerves, as well as to stabilize the spine. This means the operation is done from the front of the neck, rather than from the back."What they do is they cut an area
Many of you know particularly older members when people feel this is not for them they may ask how to cancel their accountMost of the time one would say to a starter to simply log out. But there are times (which is fair enough) they may be worried about having what details they have already shared when joining. Most likely from the feeling or possibly being scammed later.So the next option we would as fellow members suggest to them is to go to their account settings then subscription and scroll
So you are a Premium Plus member great and congrats. If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and upgraded to Premium Plus recently, I welcome you, and congrats on the great decision you made. You have everything you need to not only take the next step forward but one that can only enhance your online business to a higher level.We all know of the great training one has from Kyle and Jay's Video Training but as a new Premium Plus member did you know it doesn't stop there.The many benefits you have.We
Of course, you originally came to Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money online. Let's not deny that but there is a deeper purpose you are here, one you may not have given much thought to or even realized.Take a moment to yourself to think about what are you here as an Affiliate Marketer, before you continue to read on.The majority of members here already have learned and so will any newbies that you as a website owner (your own business online) is that you are not here to sell but to hel
Did you know that the Class Function within Wealthy Affiliate has more benefits than you may realize? It's more than an Icon but one that can benefit you online. So let’s go through the class functions step by step, and I will show you how to use the Class Feature found at the top of your menu and also how you can share it with others in the hope to gain referrals. This is mainly for Premium and Premium Plus Members and can be of benefit to starters.OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp Premium and