Do YOU Have The Right Attitude?

Last Update: May 06, 2019

Life is a numbers game in all you do and Affiliate Marketing is no different

When you are born, you gain a number to your age and when you reach a certain number depending on the attitude you created in life with what you do will determine when that number stops.

Depending on your personal beliefs you will return in another lifetimes with a different set of numbers but this time it is added to your numbers gained over previous lifetimes until you finally reach that perfection of pure 100%

Whatever we do in life, we can have a positive attitude or a negative attitude, which determines have we moved along our journey in life.

Instead, on talking about what we do in our personal life, which is up to you to decide how you go for now let’s focus in this current part of our lives as an affiliate marketer.

Content maybe King and Keywords may be Queen that will determine how well the King handles the situation.

The King may rule the content but that is because the Queen lets the King think it is best.

Sounds familiar to other aspects in life LOL

Reminds me of that statement

OK back to marketing

It is all About Attitude

Remember using the right keywords will attract the search engines to find you as well as what your readers are seeking.

Once they find you, it is up to you the King of content to write compelling posts to get your visitors to the point where they will want to either buy from what you are promoting or use the services you have to offer via your website

“Stop Chasing The Money And Start Chasing The Passion” Quote by Tony Hsieh

Don’t chase the $ Dollars signs instead attract visitors to your websites with the aim of helping them find what they need the rest will follow.

However, if you are still focusing on the money and getting frustrated, struggling in doing well then you need to look at your attitude if it is a negative or bad you won’t be here for long.

If you have a positive Attitude in all you do then there is no limit on how successful you can be and the limit is not the sky either why limit yourself when you can achieve more and help more along the way.

Just have a look at Wealthy Affiliate as an example and think what brought you here and why you are still here enjoy what you do.

Sure at first you want to earn money, for whatever reasons you have and this may have triggered you to join but there is more than money involved if you want to be successful online.

Look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer not just as a starter member but when you become a premium member all the added benefits you gain.

The majority has nothing to do with money and all to do with creating a solid foundation to your website for the benefit of your readers.

They may show you how to make money online but they focus first on helping you to build a solid foundation to your website where you will create that passion not only with what you have (Niche) but one that offers benefits to your visitors who will become you customers.

That is a big difference to what many here have seen or experienced elsewhere when you compare this to the get rich scams you see online.

The money part follows much later again your attitude will determine how long you stay and how well you will progress to reach those original goals you made when you first joined.

For many, this will need to be revised once more and reassessed with the right frame of mine and not based on the Ego side of greed. Think about that for a bit.

Look at it this way.

Life is a numbers game, being an affiliate marketer, is no different

This is before you start adding content.

From the training, you created your website with the niche of your choice that is for the benefit of your readers.

Soon the website will be indexed by the various search engines, which will in turn gives you the opportunity to be found online by your future visitors/customers.

For some it may take a few hours for some others it may even take a day or so.

Again, the numbers come into play.

Guess what you don’t stop and sit on your laurels waiting to be told your website has been indexed instead you keep working on your content and create more.

Rinse and repeat

Perhaps it may not be the best at the start especially if you never did this before but you keep going forward and continue to believe in yourself and in all you do.

As you keep going forward, you will gain more experience with your content so don’t stress yourself about that or feel it is no good. Constant and persistence practice will get you going

That is why maintaining a positive attitude in what you do will enable you to continue to go forward and achieve those dreams and goals you had before that will become a reality.

Remember this

We have talked about creating great content for the benefit of our readers.

But, it is your attitude 100% with what you write?

Have training is essential that in turn will build your knowledge so you can apply what you have learned to not only build a solid foundation to your website but bring in the success you are striving for.

However, no amount of training, or knowledge gained will do you any good if you don’t have the right frame of mind in your thinking

That thinking is your Attitude to what you do.

Having a bad attitude will certainly not help even if you gained all that knowledge from the training.

Having a positive attitude will give you the success you have been seeking because you are applying all that you have learned and the knowledge you have gained will help you create not good content but quality content for the benefit of your readers as stated above.

We know for most that it takes about an average of 3 – 6 months before you start seeing some income come in.

Yes some have achieved awesome results in a quicker time frame but that is not everyone some much longer perhaps a year down the track despite saying they have been putting that old statement I gave 110% and yet still struggling to make money online.

Let’s play with some numbers (once an accountant always an accountant. LOL)

The knowledge you gained = 96%

The Training you gained = 99%

However your positive attitude = 100%

As you can see below with Wealthy Affiliate, it just gets better and better and when you change your attitude to a positive one you are heading for success in all you do.

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Swangirl Premium
Yes. They advise us to pick a niche we are passionate about. That is golden advice. I have yet to see anyone here be truly successful in a niche they were not passionate about. It is very difficult or impossible to be really successful if money is your only motivation. When you are going for months without making a profit you will get discouraged and move on to something different. Only with a niche that you are passionate about can you stick it out through the slow times and keep going.

I am the same way. I am sure I would have quit many times if I was not committed to my niches. It all pays off monetarily in the end but on the way there it is the knowledge that we are sharing important information to help others that keeps us going.
apache1 Premium
Spot on Jessica glad you are passionate about all you do and your success we have seen is wonderful to hear. This will only get better and you continue to have that positive attitude with all you do.


Swangirl Premium
Thank you Andre. You too.
apache1 Premium
Anytime Jessica always there if needed Enjoy your week
LLettau1 Premium
Figures don't lie and liars don't figure.
apache1 Premium
Pretty much so Larry.
alisterbrede Premium
Andre, thanks for the post. The gist seems to be set out to offer something useful to your readers, learn how to do it and the rest will follow. Is that right?
apache1 Premium
That is what your Niche should be about something you are passionate about that you readers will also benefit from. Remember we may be creating a website but it is the readers we are writing for.
smartm2018 Premium
Hello! Andre,

This is a great post! I will bookmark the post for constant reminder to check my attitude.

Thank you for sharing. This is very good advice and for sure this will help me moving forward.

Thanks for your encouragement and all you do to help the community.

Best regards

apache1 Premium
Most welcome Smart always remember to keep going forward and continue to believe in yourself.
smartm2018 Premium
Thank you so much! Andre.
CalChrisH Premium
Hi Andre, as I put new posts on my site I'm constantly looking to see if other posts were indexed. When they aren't indexed I get a little frustrated, but, that little quality guy in the back of my mind says, "keep writing" "keep writing". If you build it they will come.

I'm just going to keep on pushing forward, gonna knock the rear view mirror off and look straight ahead.

apache1 Premium
That is great to hear Cal and yes the rear view mirror is handy for looking but the way forward is always straight ahead

Have a great week

CalChrisH Premium
Thanks Andre, you too!

apache1 Premium
Thanks Cal I will