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Hello WA,Hope all of you are enjoying wherever you are. I need your advice and recommendations for my personal Development beyond this awesome training at WA. With no background in Online marketing, no computer literacy in true sense but with high enough vision of big success, I joined WA. The training is awesome and I am progressing with my website. I feel a need to improve my technical knowledge to speed up my success and also planning on investing a little beyond WA education.The reason I t
September 20, 2018
All,Celebrate the joy of "Website got indexed". Thank you everyone for your amazing help.
Last evening one of my friend's daughter called me to speak about her career.She is an experienced IT Professional waiting for her permit to work. She has a daughter and her husband works in corporation.During this conversation, She told me she has some extra time and she really wants to use it productively.I introduced her to WA and asked her to check out. I told her it is free to join. She can try if she wants. Few WA friends helped me to send my URL to her.In few minutes she completed her pr
Hello newbies and experienced blogger of WA,How are you managing your blog delivery on time? It is critical for your success.Are you challenged and feel tired and fatigued?Possibly some of us are. You know you are one man brand. You might not have anyone to delegate your responsibilities. You are bootstrapping your business with very limited resources.How you launch your blog on your stipulated time is key to keep up with your audience's expectation, trust and that keeps up your business on a s
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Hi All,I spend couple of hours, few days a week answering questions in Quora. I have some followers and at certain times my answers are Upvoted and have been viewed by many. The answers I offer are not always related to my niche. Typically, I jump in when I see some fascinating questions. I read the other answers people have offered. I always have thought it will help when it comes to ranking. My assumptions have not been validated after I took Kyle's training on FB engagement. Time is only lim
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Do you worry about not eating enough of healthy fruits while growing up? I worry a lot and feel guilty at times as well. Growing up in a low middle class family in India we typically don't buy apple and grapes unless someone is sick in the family. As a vegetarian, I used to love these fruits but never had enough. They were really expensive for our budget. I was kind of obsessed with apple and grapes possibly because I was not getting enough. Coming here to US I have plenty of those on my break
Around 85% of world population is Vitamin-D deficient. Are you surprised by this shocking stats?The deficiency is shown to be related to plethora of symptoms (shown in the picture below) per current research. It covers disease symptoms more than you think including cancer and dementia. The field is evolving and new symptoms and studies are revealed on daily basis.According to the current research Vit-d a pivotal nutrient of the human body occupies 3000/30,000 receptor and connected with 229 gen
More often than not, more people work longer hours to keep their job today. Working longer hours could bring stress, irritability, mood swings and health problems which in long term results in poor work performances. The families suffer on the other side adding more stress to the life. Work life balance has been an evolving story and corporations are trying to innovate newer strategies to address this important problem in today's work force. There are reasons for working overtime. It may be a
You, the bloggers (new and old timers) are busy showcasing your expertise. You love to win the heart of SE to rank high and reach to help-out the audience through your blogs (rock the web!).I am starting my journey as a blogger and determined to be a Pro. You know I am asking you question, reading blogs and training at WA. Here is my Work-In-Progress report and perspectives as a newbie on my 1st ever website. I am brain stormingpreparing questions being an audienceresearching across the web to
During my search for royalty free images I found these sites and thought it would help you. : A very easy search function lets you find exactly what you’re look