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Content, content and content.How many wee hours of the morning have you been awake to craft high ranking contents? Should one have a proprietary content writing style to adhere to always? so, what are some key components one should always follow? I came up with the following list.Simple Conversation Style WritingAccurate Information all the time Straightforward- not beating around the bushCurrent- the most updated info as of todayActionable- one will be able to take action after reading your c
Hey folks,We all want to rank high in Google. However, there are 1.7 billion websites which is posting 2 billion blogs daily. 60 billion blogs are indexed in a given day. Inactive websites mess up these statistics though.How do you out-compete and outrank others to rank higher on Google? Here are few simple tips to do that can improve your rank.Remove or Update the Old and Outdated Content. Google likes fresh contents to respond to the requests.Do not Cut Corners While Writing Content: A blog o
Hey WA friends,I hope you all are staying up to the mark each day within this vibrant community.Are you looking for free money to pay the WA yearly membership? I know many are struggling and some have already left because they can not afford with the promise of coming back.I love to earn while learn like many of us here.In this short post I will tell you how I made my premium WA membership free for the upcoming year.WA provides tools and training for you to earn income online. This income may s
Thank you all of you whoever has collaborated in my journey. I love to share my joy now.
Hey folks,I got a notice from flipboard that they had a security incident recently identified and addressed involving a subset of user data.Your name, Flipboard username, cryptographically protected password and email address might have stolen. Importantly, we do not collect from users, and this incident did not involve, Social Security numbers or other government-issued IDs, bank account, credit card, or other financial information.Your action: Next time you login, there will be a prompt to ch
What Information should one have for an interactive business Card? I am in the process of designing one. Of course, it depends on the type of business you are associated with. I am blogging in health and wellness niche. These are the two I am considering.I like to put my logo (maybe my picture), which I can add after finalizing the design.I like to have it glossy for convenience in handing.Here are my thoughts about the essential elements that can benefit my business through handing personally
April 09, 2019
Hi All,One of my post has ranked 1 at position 3 on Yahoo.I never believed I will rank in page1 in any of the Search Engines.I am a very slow writer. Sometimes I think Google will give up on my website. Nay, it has not done so yet.Hope all of you are moving and doing very well.
Hey all,Need opinion about this logo I created on Canva. My website name is got it from Canva Logo template. Readjusted the design to get this one. Thank you for your time in advance.Photo by Phad Pichetbovornkul on Unsplash
How many words do you need for a blog? So Google can index it. Here is what I can tell you today.I have no google fetch. I use All-In-One SEOHere is my word count and blog indexing time3100 words took 3 month2300 words took 2 months1800 waiting for 3 weeks to be indexed970 got indexed within a week (This one is the highest ranking). It has a good title. Is it because of that?My website got indexed in a week with my about me page and privacy policy.No conclusion yet but this is what it is. I n
I was on a WhatsApp call last night. I watched during the conversation with my family members, a 5 yr old kid in my family was telling her mother "Mama, I am done with my home work and ready for tomorrow." Can I now watch my cartoons?I thought myself when am I going to be done? I called off the WhatsApp Chat and evaluated my status on "being done"!No numbers of hours is enoughNo numbers of blogs is enoughNo numbers of technology is enoughNo knowledge is enoughNo number of social connections is