Keywords-The Reservoir of Traffic and Money

Last Update: September 21, 2020

Hey Folks,

Do I need any description for the importance of keywords in the blogging world?

High quality keywords are the beginning of a high quality blog.

One keyword or one product can make your entire life.

Our related training are with enterprise versions with Kyle and Jay.

How do you find high quality keywords as a premium member with a package with Jaaxy lite unless you pay more to avail the enterprise version?

I use Ubersuggest, google keyword planner to supplement my keyword search. How can I get better But not pay more at this point?

I welcome your suggestions of how you optimize your keyword for your blogs.

Thank you in advance and enjoy this beautiful autumn day?


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YvonneBray Premium
You’ve made some good points. I’ve been using Jaaxy and google.
FKelso Premium
My method isn't new -- I look up Google posts on the subject and examine their headlines. From them I can come up with a good idea for a ranking keyword.
Francisco97 Premium
Yes Anu keywords is very important specially in the title of the content. You can review your training with Kyle which is titled "Understanding of the low hanging fruit."
JeffreyBrown Premium
Very true words, Anu!