Free Premium Membership at WA- How Did I Earn?

Last Update: August 04, 2020

Hey WA friends,

I hope you all are staying up to the mark each day within this vibrant community.

Are you looking for free money to pay the WA yearly membership? I know many are struggling and some have already left because they can not afford with the promise of coming back.

I love to earn while learn like many of us here.

In this short post I will tell you how I made my premium WA membership free for the upcoming year.

WA provides tools and training for you to earn income online. This income may sound unusual.

How did I Earn $300 dollar?

Erin (big name in Pinterest at WA) from WA wrote a post about Pinterest (PINS) winning multi million dollar funding. This tells about the potential strength of a new coming tech stock

I immediately invested $300.00 buying PINS (stock symbol) which I had saved to pay my yearly membership. It took me few weeks and the stock more than doubled after showing a great earning.

I sold and saved the money to pay my upcoming membership.

This was a great opportunity to use WA free for the next year.

Of course you have to have money to make mone. But hey! This money would have been paid for membership not being invested.

Thank you, Dear Erin.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting he Pinterest stock.



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coqui49519 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Anusuya, where there’s a will there’s a way they say.

YvonneBray Premium
Well done. Something to consider.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great advice
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james5273 Premium
Thanks for sharing!