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Last Update: September 10, 2015

Master Mind / Wealthy Affiliate

Master Mind Group are being used by many Top Executives. Some of these Executive are traveling halfway around the world and paying out $100,000.00, or more to learn how to run a successful business. Some Executive are paying $4,000 a month or more to attend a weekly meeting, to learn how to be more successful in their industry. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, members are in Master Mind Group, where one learn (details) information from other members, on the subject of Online Business. Master Mind Group are very powerful, they have the ability to lift their member to a new height. Master Mind Group can be traced back to year 913A.D. in the Country of Persia, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were members of the same Master Mind Group.

The Benefit of Master Minds Group

Here at Wealthy Affiliate one has thousands of members thinking about your question, that are submitted to the community and then they provide you answer.

When Henry Ford had a question concerning Ford Motor, he would travel by train to meet Edison, and others members of the Master Mind Group, for a Meeting. When Henry Ford left the meeting, he had his answer.

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