Negative Thoughts About WA.

Last Update: October 09, 2017

From time to time you might receive negative thoughts about WA on your blog. Yes, it's going to make you a little upset, because your views are different from those who speak down on wealthy affiliate.

No matter how good the opportunity may seem. No matter how well the training is laid out. No matter how bright the future can be. There's always be someone who blames the business for their own failure. There's always someone blaming others for not having success.

They spread negative thought about how they were cheated, They didn't make any money; They didn't learn anything while they were a member; They got ripoff by the program etc.

They spend months searching for the perfect program that will make rich in minutes. When that don't happen they talk trash about the company.

I've been in this community for awhile now, WA has been a great opportunity for me. I nothing negative to say about this community, Kyle, Carson, Jay or Anyone. If I fail in this community it's my own fault, because I didn't take this opportunity seriously enough to achieve.

What I see, is a caring people that will do what it takes to help you succeed online. Providing great teaching through live webinars, video training, step-by-step training courses created by members of this great community.

I see caring people, who are willing to help others all hours of the day and night through live chats and email notifications.

I see an opportunity that can change your life if you're serious enough to do whatever it takes to achieve success. There is no easy way to say it, you must be willing work hard and stick it out.

Don't let negative thoughts distract your views of something.

The key to finding the perfect opportunity is how you feel and what you believe that makes it perfect.

Have you experience negative thought on your blog? How did it make your feel?

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wozzy Premium
Not had the luxury of comments from people as the site is a little well undeveloped.
AnthonyMLM Premium
I'm sure there will be Wozzy thanks for stopping bye
mcourtney747 Premium
Great post! I haven’t had negative comments on my blog about WA but I’ve seen some on the web and it’s usually just like you said in regards to blaming WA for their failure, etc.

I personally can’t imagine the thought process for some who feel this way. I absolutely love WA and think the training, community, and all of you are wonderful. I’m very thankful for WA and let the negativity bounce go in one ear and out the other and refuse to let negative comments bring me down. We are responsible for our own success.

AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome I glad you stand on your own belief Melisss thanks for sharing your thoughts
SuperRoo Premium
Yes, it is all to easy to focus on the negatives and not see the positives. Also this online world makes it very easy for people to be cutting and hurtful while thinking they are "smart" and "with-it" the song says "Haters gonna hate". So the best you can do is be positive in your own outlook.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks SuperRoo for sharing your thoughts
MKearns Premium
This is not infrequent but like anything in life it can be risen above and conquered!
AnthonyMLM Premium
Yes sir Mike thanks my friend
TDBauer Premium
well said! I've had a few negative posters from time to time. I post their comments and make a positive out of it, maybe not to the poster, but to anyone reading the comments.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks TD for sharing your thoughts