What niche should I get into?

Last Update: Nov 1, 2021

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It takes time to determine what niche should you get into. Most advice is that you turn your interest/hobby into a business.

The suggestion may be right, but there are two issues:

1. Your hobby may not be an easily profitable niche

2. Your hobby or interest may change as time goes by

My suggestion is that you should start your niche business this is easy to find customers who will pay you and also customers who will refer more clients to you.

It is important to put your natural ability or aptitude into good use. Interest may change, but your natural ability is not likely to change.

Different people have different natural ability.

Some people are naturally a star. They like to be in the limelight. For them, they can run a webinar business, become a public speaker.

Some people are a natural deal maker. They may enjoy striking deals with manufacturers and selling things on Amazon.

There are too many ways to make money online. If you have tried some and still haven't achieved the success that you want, that's because you have not found one that matches your natural ability, or you haven't found the right niche that can let you use your natural ability to make money easily.

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Recent Comments


A good read and great advice,.

Hi Stephen, thanks for the support. Although I have been in the affiliate marketing for a while, I always have some new ideas on my niche. Best wishes, Anthony

Thanks Anthony.

Very valid points, here, Anthony! Over the years, I made a small fortune selling on eBay! Not so much now, but I am looking into WooCommerce! Do you have an opinion on that?


Hi Jeff, it is nice to see that you plan to have your own store using WooCommerce. As with all online businesses, traffic is always the issue. With good product and traffic, you should be able to achieve your goal. Good luck with your endeavors! Anthony.

Thanks, Anthony, that sounds good to me!


A small fortune Jeff? Is this how you have managed to purchase and maintain so many fully functional vehicles?🐫

During the "small fortune" period, Nick! I had four functioning commercial vehicles and employees to boot, and I also had a used car dealership as well! When times took a turn for the worse and our taxes soared uncontrollably, cuts had to be made!

No worries, I'll figure something out! I always do with God's help!


Oh Jeff! I apologise in advance here, but are you sure you no longer have a used car dealership!!

Seriously though, we all experience ups and downs in all aspects of our lives.

And with His help, I am sure another up is just around the corner for you my friend!🐫

Haha, Nick! I only have around 30 vehicles left! Most were sold off or lost in the flooding a couple of years back! 😂

God will see me through as He always has!


Only 30 used vehicles left sounds like a used car dealership to me Jeff!🤣

The One upstairs will certainly always see us through!🐫🥬

More like a mini-salvage yard, Nick!

Yes, He always takes care of me! It doesn't have to be extravagant! I have been gifted with ingenious ways to make meager earnings at times go a LONG way!


That’s so true Anthony. I’m a naturally shy person so public speaking is definitely not for me. For my first blog I chose one of passions which is cats. I never run short of ideas and love every minute of working on it

Congrats and I am so happy for you that you made right decision, which make life so easy for you. Best wishes. Anthony

Hey Anthony,

You hit it on a nail there, your hobby or interest may not be a profitable niche.

Many people struggle with their niche for all sorts of reasons but mainly because they are looking for the perfect one which of course there isn't one.

You don't have to have a passion for a niche but it helps and the main goal should be as you pointed out a niche where you can profit from.

A passion will come later.

Check out places like Amazon for niche ideas.

If you look at what people are keying into Google on a daily basis, over 8.3 billion keywords and they all have the potential to become a niche.


Hi Mick, thank you very much for the nice idea. I agree with you that profit first, then passion. Cheers! Anthony

Not being able to come up with a niche is the biggest reason I am stagnant with Wealthy Affiliate.

I know exactly how you feel. I have stumbled around for the past two years chasing the shiney object.

Recently, I revamped and decided to focus on a niche in the career I had mainly because of my exoerience and an understanding of that market - Remodeling and home improvement. It is fairly competitive. But, I feel my 30 years experience places me in a valuable position. Time will tell.
Simple stated, initially I would go with something you know very well, and/or something you have a passion for. It will keep you focused and minimize chasing a learning curve. Struggle can come later.


Take your time. When you start with right direction, your business will take off quickly. Best wishes, Anthony

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is important to provide value to your customer. I follow your successful business. Best wishes, Anthony.

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