How To Fail and Rise Stronger!

Last Update: Sep 7, 2020

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Today is labor day in US. Happy Labor Day!

It is good time to have some reflection in the special time.

There are three ways to handle failure and setbacks, and which option you choose will greatly affect the course of your business and your life:

  • You can fail and quit.
  • You can grit it out and refuse to accept the failure, grinding away to your own detriment.
  • You can accept it, take a step back to see why you failed, and use this information to emerge new, improved, and stronger.

When you can fail and rise stronger each time - that’s when you reach the highest levels of your potential and move on to success you’ve only dreamed of.

All of us have stories of some biggest failures, the lessons we learned from them, and the systems we used in every business we entered - systems that can scale our time, our money, and our success exponentially.

As described by Winston Churchill: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. It is important to have strategies dealing with adversity.

Accept Your Failure

No matter what you are doing, failure is inevitable. it is alright to feel upset and disappointed. We need to accept the reality and accept your failure. Your objective, however, is not to stay down.

Why You Failed

You need to be completely honest with yourself on why it happened. It is critical to find the reason why you failed.

Albert Einstein famously stated that it was insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. If you don’t derive a lesson out of mistakes and failures, then you are doomed to keep repeating them.

It is also important that you treat your failure as a passing phase. When you keep moving forward, focus on the right things, and keep learning. Perceiving the setback as a temporary phase rather than something permanent is vital to developing an optimistic attitude. Remind yourself that just because you failed today, it doesn’t mean you’d fail the next time as well.

Improve and Rise Stronger

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

You can’t stop obstacles from appearing, you can devise smart ways to handle them. If you persevere, you can easily discover opportunities that have been waiting for you on the other side. Now, as you become more efficient at dealing with the failures, you will allow yourself to see the positive side in even the toughest scenarios.

Use positive thinking to learn, grow, and evolve from the experiences.

Do everything in your capacity to rectify, improve, resolve, and develop. You will rise stronger.

Do you have strategies for overcoming challenges and moving forward toward your next BIG success?

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Hi Anthony, I found your post to be both inspirational and motivational. Very impressive, thank you for the share.

All the best,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for stopping by. Without motivation, you can't achieve anything. Motivation is an important life skill.

Best wishes


Absolutely true Anthony.


So true great advice! We learn from our mistakes. Watch a child trying to sit up. They keep trying till they get it right :)

A person who never made a mistake ... Never tried anything new. Life is not supposed to be easy, that is why we need to learn from mistake and make it be.

Very motivational


Great post


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