And we are only 12 days in!

I can see that just one little thing I learned here is going to pay for my annual membership! Let me explain.

In my profile when I went Premium at the beginning of December, I said that I was making some money online but that blogging had become exhausting. I now know that I was working hard but not working smart. I was blogging, blogging, blogging and relying on sidebar banner ads to attract people to Amazon and adsense.

Then I read a discussion somewhere here and one of the longer time members mentioned that text link ads converted better than banner ads. So I took one of my most popular articles and did text link ads. The very next morning I had 2 Amazon sales from that article and those links.

I have now gone through that whole blog and done that to each article and now I'm getting used to waking up each day to multiple Amazon sales instead of a couple here and there.

So far, 12 days in, my January Amazon sales have been more than all of 2013! And I have only done this to one blog! I am starting on the next one today. (It's a tedious job, but clearly worthwhile!)

So there's my golden nugget, thank you to whoever said that, I wish I could remember where the discussion was, but no matter, probably everyone knew that except for me!

I have also decided that I am going to reduce my workload and focus on 3 sites. I have 6 sites that I was trying to maintain with fresh content and I also work 40-50 hours a week at an accounting job. Not sustainable!

Excited for 2014!

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NavindG1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Anitab. Am following your advice.
allianceforwealth Premium
Hi Anitab, Can I see your blogs and the text links for amazon products ? I think that will help me. If you like then only.
StefanCP Premium
Hi Anitab, I have a question. Did you remove the sidebar banners? Or kept those too. And the text links, are they inside the articles, or at the end of the articles? Or in the sidebar? Cheers, and great job!
Jonicas Premium

Way to go, very encouraging for us newbies to know that with the right blend of effort together with some of the techniques taught here one can optimize one's revenue potential.

I sincerely hope that you get more opportunities in the near future to share more good fortune with us as well as possibly sharing some tips or direction as to what works.

To Our Success Online,
superspike19 Premium
Do you think it is because you can see where a text link is taking you. Where as a banner is a little harder to see?
God bless,
anitab Premium
ya that could be. Whatever it is, it works better for the type of posts that I write, so that is what I'm sticking with!
annikaerbe Premium
That is so great and so inspiring! I can't wait to get to the point where I make my first sale or my first cent or dollar!!
mchomebiz Premium
Way to go Anita. Congratulations on you success. Thanks for the great tip. I
Magboy Premium
Congratulations Anita, well done. You may not remember where you saw that tip, but I'm going to remember - RIGHT HERE! :)
jespinola Premium
Aw, congrats. Anita, Well just keep it up. :)
anitab Premium
Thanks so much everyone for all your wonderful and encouraging comments! I am so happy that you feel this helped you in some way, even though it's not my information, I learned it right here on WA.
cashtoday Premium
Well done anitab. Thank you for sharing the nugget as I consider it to be as valuable as the most precious metal. I know what it is to have to go to a JOB and am so looking forward to the freedom WA offers to be able to not have to commute.
tradethespy Premium
Congratualtions Anita! Thanks for sharing your successes and for that great tip!
Arnovski Premium
Thanks Anita. Well worth knowing that and congratulations on all your sales.
Rick H Premium
Thanks for sharing Anita!
DEGoodOne Premium
Congrats Anita on the results. Thanks for sharing, in that I am in the process of setting up my sites, I can start with text link ads rather than banner. Very helpful