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Hello everyone I have been learning today how I can improve my SEO game I have found many useful stuff here on the WA classrooms. I have found an amazing video that talks about SEO mistakes and 6 good ideas to improve your SEO and wanted to share it with you guys Here's the video's link hope you like it guys! :D
Hi guysJust wanted to share with you something, Grammarly helped me a lot to get rid of grammar issues in my posts, they have also a premium version but I think it is pretty costy ( $29/Month)Today I got a notification that they offer free week of the premium version if you refer a friend, the best part is the friend get a free week also of their amazing premium version!in a nutshell guys, if you have Grammarly add on installed great, start sharing your referalls to get free premium membership!
Hello everyone Just wanted to share with you something that worked for me and I think you will like it too.Recently I have been struggling to add beatiful and good looking pictures to my posts, and I have seen many questions around looking for an answer.Everytime I add a picture to my posts, it would looksmall and if I try to resize it it would look so blurry and ugly. I try to make it larger with a program but I will be slapped with an HTTP ERROR with the red writing.I have searched everywhere
Just 2 days ago I was browsing the Internet looking for some ways to earn money online,you know I am a university student here in Italy, I dont know how university works in Usa or other countries but here just to sign up you need to pay like 849 Euro, (I dont to how much it converts to Usa currency, I guess 700$) In addition to the expensive books and the apartment you need to rent if you live far from the college. All these expenses made me go mad and even the part time job I do can't pay al