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I have read many Wealthy Affiliate reviews in different forums, people are asking these questions Is Wealthy Affiliate real? Or Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate?I have seen some people complain also about Wealthy Affiliate billing system and other want to see website examplesBut honestly have you ever tried something like Wealthy Affiliate before?The training is amazing and perfect for beginners and even experts!I had a blog before joining WA So I would know what a Sitemap is and other basic stu
I was doing some research on Google and stumbled upon a guest post I have written back in 2013. This is the first guest post I have ever written to build backlinks. Unfortunately I did not continue and gave up by selling my website for $1000. I don't know why I did not hear about WA before.I'm just wondering how much money I would be making now if I joined WA when I first started blogging in 2010.But now I am doing my best and learning so mu
Hi GuysJust wanted to share with you 2 milestones I have reached.I don't know what 1,000 comments on your blog and 1,000 followers on Pinterest mean to you, but I'm so happy to have reached those numbers.Within 3 days I reach the 3 months mark of being a WA members.and I'm so happy of what Im doing and learning! :)Hope you're all having a great day! :)
Hello everyone it's been a while that I don't blog in the community. Did not have anything cool to share with you.But now I have discovered a GREAT analytics tool. It's an analytics tool like Google Analytics but bit different. The tool is called Inspectlet. Once you paste the code on your theme editor ( Like you did with G.A)It will record your visitors screen and shows you what the hell they are doing on your site! It basically records your visitors mouse and you can actually WATCH where the
Hi guys The siteFeedback feature is great for getting feedback for your site. But did you know you could get 2 FREE video website feedback from a real person? I asked a question about how to make my WA review better, Loes sent me a useful link to get free video feedback for my site. Here are the free video Feeback I got from real people! Feedback for the Mobile Version of My Site: for the Desktop Version of My Site http://peek.usertes
January 02, 2017
Hello everyone Did know you that Google will devide their index very shortly, Google will create a separate mobile index witch will be the primarly index! More than 70% of people search on Google throught their phones, that's why Google has decided to focus more on mobile phones friendlessness. Now Google will rank better sites that are mobile friendly I have also read that that those Email pop ups should not be used anymore as they ruin the mobile user experience. I have just checked my site t
Hello everyone I would to share with you a very inspiring video to start your 2017 with a successful mindset! I have found this video thanks to an amazing post made by Amiel ( WA member )Wish you a successful a Happy New Year! Here is still 2016! :) I know in other places you are already in 2017 lol Here's the video! I am sure you will love it and I recommend you to sign up on his newsletter!
December 27, 2016
Hello guys just wanted to share with you some Keyword Tool Tips that worked for me and I think you will find useful.Kyle mentioned in the training that not all of your posts will rank, that's probably because the keyword tools just give you estimated data from all the earch engines, you know no keyword tool is perfect. While you can't make all of your posts rank, there is something you can do to deacrease the chances of that. I'm sure many times you have come across keywords with crazy traffic
December 26, 2016
Just wanted to ask your opinions guys about Google Analytics I personally use Clicky and I think it's way better than Google Analytics. G.A shows me lots of spam, even after adding spam filters, I don't trust the analytics. Another thing my code is intalled and the real time feature shows me 0 all the time. I have discovered Clicky and I think it's 200 times better than G.A, maybe not, But I prefer clicky. G.A may have millions of features more than clicky, but I think the perfect analytics too
December 25, 2016
Hello guys just wanted to share with you these quick SEO tips (Google) Yes Google because the tips on the video im going to share with you are related to Google search engines, I'm researching now how to get more organic traffic from Bing because all the top internet marketers believe that Bing traffic converts more than Google's.But that's not the case today.Well I'm no expert yet, but my site is only 2 months and my traffic from Google is not really bad for a 2 months site. I'm not going to t