How To Improve SEO Ranking on Google Easily!

Last Update: March 01, 2018

If you want to gain more traffic and increase your revenue

Improving your SEO ranking on Google is definitely something that will help you achieve that!

Some of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking is to write content regularly

But today I would like to share with you something different.

In this post I'd like to share with you some things I did to improve my SEO rankings without having to work more!

So let's get into it!

Top 3 Ways to Increase Your SEO ranking On Google Easily!

1- Write Less & Improve the quality of your posts

A mistake I have been doing is I used to write content every day

I was basically churning out a lot of '' OK'' or '' Acceptable'' posts every week

When you are a lot of content, your productivity will decrease which will make you write less quality content.

I think if you're just starting out, it's a good idea to write a lot of content

That will make your writing better along the way

But if you already have a lot of content on your site like me ( more than 300 published posts)

Then it's a good idea to write less and focus on making your articles super quality

I went from writing everyday (one post per day) to two super high quality articles per week

This has allowed me to:

  • Write Better Headlines
  • Better call to actions
  • better content
  • Have higher conversions!
  • Include a video on every post I write (more traffic)

With that said, I recommend you to write less but better content!

Google wants more quality content not just acceptable posts!

This will definitely help you improve your SEO rankings and rank better on Google and other search engines!

2- Update Your Old posts (Change the Post Date)

Another thing that is huge and one of the easiest ways to increase your SEO rankings

Is to update your old posts

When updating your old posts make sure to:

  • Add more words (only if it makes sense & would add more value)
  • Add external links to authorative websites (only relevant links)
  • add internal links (whenever makes sense)

Another thing that you should do is change the date of your post

Because the search snippets of your articles have dates

when you change the date of your articles

the search snippet date will change too

People when searching on Google do pay attention to the dates of the posts

If your articles shows an old date

You may be wasting traffic as people are more likely to click on posts with recent dates as they think they are still relevant!

This is something I have been doing, and needless to say it has dramatically improved my SEO rankings!

3- Invest in things that will Improve your Site!

I used to be frugal about investing on my site

But I changed that

I started investing in things that will improve my site SEO rankings and revenue

If you're a wealthy affiliate member then that's an important investment because you're investing on Training, tools, support and more

That will definitely help your site rank better

Wealthy Affiliate is such a great community to learn and improve our sites!

Here are some other things I have decided to invest into to improve my site rankings and revenue!

  1. Content Builder

I have recently purchased a content builder (I'm not going to mention it's name because I'm not planning to sell it here)

This content builder has gave me the freedom to craft the content however I want

Now thanks to it, I can add high converting sales pages, buttons and a lot more.

I have seen my posts climb in the rankings just because of this amazing tool!

  1. List building Tool

This may not be a tool that would improve your SEO directly

But I have purchased this amazing tool that allows me to create high converting optin forms that increase my subsribers!

It also gives me some important analytics data to use to improve my SEO

  1. A/B Testing Tool

Another huge tool that has easily made more sales is an A/B Testing tool

This tool has allowed me to create two versions of my posts and sales pages

It would split the traffic and automatically choose the highest converting page among the two versions of my post.

I use this tool all the time, to double and double my income and conversion whenever I want!

The point here is do invest in your website

If you're making money from your site, do use some of it to invest in tools, courses and things that will make your business grow up!

The tools above have made my website generate more traffic and more revenue!

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this post

Those are 3 ways I have used to increase my traffic

They really work and I recommend you to try them out.

Since you're a member of this amazing community

Then that's an amazing investment

This community has some amazing training that really works to make your site rank high on the search engines!

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Joy3 Premium
Thank you for all this valuable information. Is it OK to link to your website in a post( in the content? I am writing content and would like to . Don't know if it is allowed
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Joy, if you are talking about internal links, yes for sure. Google wants you to do this so they understand your site more. Also you are giving opportunities to your readers to read your other articles. This makes they stay longer in your site which Google likes.
AnisChity Premium
I've linked to it above in the comments section
RogerHumbke Premium
Love your idea about breathing new life into old posts, updating them in content and style, and changing the date where appropriate.
ar20746 Premium
I have to agree with you. Just because it's all true. :)
vin8 Premium
Good information, thanks.
MKearns Premium
No question Anis. Quality rules!