Does Negative SEO Still Work in 2018?

Last Update: March 01, 2018

I have been a victim of negative SEO

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is when someone does some blackhat SEO tactics to kill your site

For example, if someone is tired of you outranking them on Google

They may buy a bunch of Fiverr backlinks to kill your business so they can outrank you

This is called Negative SEO

This used to be a very effective way to kill your competitors

But nowadays it's not as effective as it used to be!

Someone has created a website and pasted some of my content on it.

But did that hurt my site?

It didn't

So someone has created this page

I have noticed that the URL have been sending me traffics

Not bot traffic but real traffic

Because all the content on that URL redirects to my older posts.

One day I noticed that I have been gettings more WA referrals and premium sign ups

Just because of that guys creating that page

I know it sounds funny but it's true.

This person wanted to kill my business

But what he doesn't know is negative SEO does not work like it used to.

If your site is trusted by Google, then negative SEO won't affect you.

The point here, if you're worried about Negative SEO

Don't worry just focus on building your site and making Google Trusting it

Here's a great article by Backlinko that sheds some light on Negative SEO.

So if you don't want to be affected by Negative SEO

You will just need to make your site trusted by Google

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member

Then you're fine, because everything taught here is what Googles likes!

So, that person wanted to kill my site but ended up increasing my revenue!

Hope everyone is doing well & Have a great day!

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AlanJE Premium
Thanks for the advice, Anis, Best Alan
RobertLeier2 Premium
thanks for insight
sheikave Premium
Whitehat SEO and Blackhat SEO. Are both a piece of art in themselves. First, you will learn the Google guideline to do SEO. Then at some point, you will find ways that are not confirmed by Google but still works. Old method that I know using PLR[Private label Right] articles, Squidoo articles and much more. Using it correctly you can get a small bump in rank.
Melissa901 Premium
I have never heard of negative SEO. However, I am glad to hear that it can's hurt you and in your case it worked for the better. Hopefully the other guys has learned something
Louise2812 Premium
Wow, I hadn't heard of 'negative SEO' before although was aware of people doing all sorts of underhand tactics to get themselves in a better place. Surely there is room on the internet for everyone!

I'm glad it didn't affect your site - and good to know that there are ways to protect our sites against it :)