$854 in 3 Days Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: May 03, 2020

Since May 1st, I've been waking up from my bed and seeing these commissions popping up on my phone, $130 here and $118 there.

These commissions make you feel so great because you see your hard work paying off.

Especially in these hard times, where people are losing their jobs.

If you're following the training but not making money yet, I highly recommend to keep pushing because people that make money here they did not start earning overnight, after lots of hard work and patience everything will start snowballing for you :)

If you did not go premium yet, this is an amazing opportunity for you to get a WHOLE year of permium for only $299.

This offer will end the 11th May where the price will be $497 a year! So I highly recommend to great this great deal before it's too late!

I hope you are all having a great day! and keep working for your dreams!

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TDenise Premium
Same here! Did you notice the instant annual upgrade offer test they tried recently? I'm not sure if that test is going on every day, but I knew it went on 1 day last month because I had 3 annuals in 1 day in the middle of the month.

I know if we're having these type of exciting benefits now as WA affiliates, they will only get better, and I don't know what they have planned. $299 for coaching, hosting, and training is a steal.
Zarina Premium Plus
I know right!? And congrats on your progress too, Tiff!

You guys both worked so hard that you absolutely deserve these rewards. I'm in the process of hiring a writer now, and finally will revive my MMO site as well! Who knows, maybe I'll get to meet you guys next year in Vegas haha.

(Though Dylan said it's unreal in the MMO space and I'd need a good 1 year to get my WA site working for me but I hope with the September countdown from 100, it'll be easier to achieve my goal, especially if my writer helps me with 5 articles a week.)
TDenise Premium
Who knows! It would be great to meet. Thanks for your support.
BarbaraD2 Premium
That is Soo nice to Hear. I like the picture Too. Thank You for your wonderful post.
chrisvs Premium
Just a great story to share with all of us. Thank you and may this be a continuous flow of commissions for you.

a1jonuk1 Premium
Great post there, very inspirational. Thank You for posting.

The price on May 12th goes up to $495 I believe not $597 though.

AnisChity Premium
It was a mistake, thanks for correcting!
Codjoe Premium
Awesome Anis. Hoping to get there one day:)