1 Year of Hard Work! From $39month to $2,233month!

Last Update: May 19, 2019

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Hi Guys, first thing first, happy Easter to everyone!

As you know today is the first April, it's the first day of the month which means WA Payday!

Today I would like to show you how your income can increase within a year of hard work!

1st April 2017! My First WA Payday Ever!

1st April 2017 is a day I will never forget, because that day was the first day ever I would get paid from WA!

I think you can imagine what it feels like to get paid for the first time, after months of hard work mixed with frustration, doubts and wanting to give up.

I kept pushing and pushing, I wanted to give up but I believed on my self.

On my first WA Payday I have only earned $94

But that was more than enough to make me go forward and believe even more in my self.

1st April 2018! It's WA Payday!

It's been a year guys, a whole year

I have been making money every month and my income has been increasing slowly

It was lots of hard work and patience, I never gave up and I'm glad I did.

I have earned around $2,230!

$1,200 from Wealthy Affiliate alone! (I have made $685 on yearly commissions but they are held for approval for 30 days)

The rest is from other companies I promote but it's all because of the Wealthy Affiliate training!

My Inbox today was definitely busy receiving these PayPal commissions which are absolutely very satisfying lol

The point of this post is to show you what you can achieve within next year

I literally went from $39 to $2,230! Within a year!

I remember when I was a newbie here, I was asking thousands of questions and complaining all the time why I can't make money lol I'm sure some members remember

Honestly I never thought I would start making over $2,000/month as a 22 years old guy in a country (Italy) where you need a miracle to find a job!

If you're new to WA, just stick to the training, IT WORKS!!!

Hope this post will give you the motivation to stick to your training and never give up!

Happy Easter & Wish everyone a great day!

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Congrats Anis, you are doing amazing. On the up and up and scaling from $2300 to $5600 and beyond is just a matter of doing more of what you are doing (scaling your business).

Kudos to you on your growth and accomplishments thus far, you should be proud of your efforts!

Thanks, Kyle! Yes, in fact, the sky is the limit! Hard work and patience are the keys to any kind of success, happy easter!


Wonderful success story, glad you never stopped homie!

Congratulations and thanks for encouraging us all.

Congratulations Anis, cheers to your second year!

Thanks Loes, you're awesome!

Thank you:)

This is wonderful proof that WA works if you keep at it. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!

You're welcome!

Hi Anis, your hard work is bearing fruit. Keep at it. Now I know what I've got to look forward to soon.

All the best,


Yes Brian, hard work pays off forever

Great stuff, Anis!
Thanks for the inspiration.


That's awesome. Well done to you!

Thanks Melissa!


Thanks Bro!

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