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Yesterday, I learned a priceless lesson about the first step to build an online authority after reading the book entitled the 7 Day Start Up by Dan Norris. So what is the lesson? He developed his origin story.It's difficult to establish credit and become believable to an audience of people. Dan was smart when he applied the strategy of sharing his origin story detailing the growth of his online authority through times.A compelling origin story makes your audience a better way to connect with yo
Blogging, which I began in the mid of 2014, is always the most fabulous experience I've ever done so far. From the very beginning, I was struggling pretty long with writing down first few paragraphs. In fact, I was not proficient enough at English as well as know how to build a reasonably engaging content. I considered taking times blogging was tedious and time wasting in comparison to other activities - I was utterly wrong. In fact, blogging is the best investment for your online business. Tru
When I look for a style and a theme to install for my new website, I do browse many competitors' sites related to my niches. Some of them have really beautiful themes, and you may already know how much you can benefit from a beautiful theme/design, especially in 2016.Most of the experts have already had their favorite methods to find out what themes and plugins a WordPress site is using. But if you are a newbie - like me, and you can't get your head around the question "What the heck is that th