Account all set up, next the website!

Last Update: June 11, 2019

What business idea first though, to go with? Hmm my job and what has been a big part of my life photography, or incorporating it into something new, thats what i would like to do, something related prehaps, but new which I can do online.

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bazboy247 Premium
Photography is a great niche, do the training and it will show you how to turn your passion into a business Barry
Do you actually have to selling for example your photography work like a pro photographer? and then add the marketing business and ads with the site to earn? yep I need the training!!
bazboy247 Premium
You don't sell from your site you promote things from your website, its called affiliate marketing

In the training it will all be explained, there are lots of affiliate programs out there

An example is you could do reviews of cameras and camera equipment on amazon you get a commission if someone buys anything on amazon if they go to amazon via your website affiliate link

I hope this helps

Thanks Barry, yes I need to go through the training and decide on a niche then a lot to learn!