Top Tips For Getting Started Within Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 15, 2015

After writing a blog post on my website about getting started on Wealthy Affiliate I have been asked several times for some tips on the best way forward for newcomers to the community. Today I want to share with you a few tips that I have learnt from previous experience in the hope that this may help newcomers in there first steps to building an online business.

Learn And Then Take Action!

First of all, please understand that one of the biggest reasons that people fail to make money from their online business is that they don't take action on what they learn. The internet is full of distractions! Facebook and YouTube, along with many other social networks are responsible for distracting many entrepreneurs! In order to succeed, you must first learn, focus on learning within Wealthy Affiliate and follow the step by step guidelines. Kyle, Carson and many others here have done a fantastic job of creating training, complete with tasks that you need to complete at the end of each section. The training here is the best that I have seen online, use it!

Begin with the Entrepreneur Level 1 course by clicking here.

Choose Your Niche Carefully

Selecting your niche will be one of the most important decisions that you make within your online business. In my opinion your niche or subject matter that you choose should be something that you are really passionate about. You will be working on your online business for a long time hopefully, so choosing a niche that you are really going to enjoy working with is essential.

Think carefully and don't just jump into something because you think you will make more money from it than something else. Sometimes the tiny, rather obscure niche markets can be the most profitable. Take your time, its important that you get this right or you might find yourself starting again a couple of months down the line!

Selecting Your Website Name

This is one area that I took quite a while to decide on. Whilst the training here on Wealthy Affiliate will advise you to try and get a dot com domain, there are now less and less really good domain names in certain niches. If you can find a dot com domain name that you really like and that goes well with your niche, then great! If not you might want to do what I did and take a look at some of the new domain extensions that are available. There are now lots of new domain name extensions available, such as "dot reviews" or "dot marketing". I went with a "dot Zone" domain name. Although there have been some people in the past that say dot com domains rank better in the search engines, Google have confirmed that this is a load of rubbish. It is the content of your website that will lead to better rankings, not your domain name.

On saying that, I recommend that you take your time again and choose something that you are really happy with and that fits well with your niche. When you come up with what you think is a good domain name why not ask the opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate community too for some feedback.

Getting Started & Creating Content

Once you are well into the Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur training, you have selected a niche and got your domain name, you will need to start building content on a regular basis. Building pages and posts for your site will become your main duty within your online business. As you progress through the entrepreneur training you will learn about how to construct good content that can then be monetized. However, there are a few other training videos within Wealthy Affiliate that you might find really useful, outside the main course, in the live training section. These videos really helped me in the beginning as an accompaniment to the entrepreneur courses.

Take a look at: Anatomy Of The Blog Post - How a blog post should be constructed.

Entertaining & Inspiring your readers - Create content that gets your readers hooked!

Keep Building And Your Rank Will Improve

My final tip for this blog post is to keep writing posts! There is nobody that can ever tell you how long it is going to take in order for you to become successful within your online business. But Google will start taking more and more notice of your website if you continue to provide them with quality content. You have everything here at your finger tips to create a successful website, how successful it becomes is essentially down to the niche that you chose and your ability to talk about it.

We are all trying to create a successful business here. The one thing that separates Wealthy Affiliate from any other training course online is its members. The Wealthy Affiliate community is amazing and will provide you with any answers that you need along your journey to success. Don't be afraid to use it!

If you would like to read more about the beginning of my journey Click Here!

I wish you all the best of success!

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BobLoder Premium
Andrew, this is outstanding advice. As a Premium newcomer, I have saved this article to my desktop for use in my Plan of Action.

Thank you bunches!
-- Bob
Andrew-74 Premium
Great idea bob. Best of success to you.
Hi Andrew, thanks for visiting my profile and suggesting this blog post! This was a really good read so I'd just like to say thanks for the info and taking the time to put it together.

Best of luck and see you around !

Andrew-74 Premium
Thanks Vernon!

No problem, all the best.

Thanks Andrew i can use any help available from you or anyone else willing to give tips and advice for my future at WA
Andrew-74 Premium
We can all use a little help from time to time. Nobody knows everything! If I can be of assistance, just ask.
Vivia2015 Premium
Thanks for this great post Andrew. Lots of useful tips here!
Andrew-74 Premium
Thank you, I appreciate that!
PjGermain Premium
Excellent tips, Andrew!

And, if I may, I would like to add something I didn't do so well when I first began..... Subsequent to choosing your niche and just prior to website title, study Keyword Research diligently.

Write down your main keywords
Create sub-keywords or LSI keywords
Then, create your long tail keywords

Map out (yes, ON Paper) how you will setup your website....


Categorize your posts
Cat your pages too, if you like.

Do this upfront and you spend a few days later rearranging them and turning pages into posts (or vice versa) and then recategorizing posts.

This soooo messed me up in the beginning.

Cheers mate!
Andrew-74 Premium
Yeah, spot on! Thanks for adding that to the mix. I think the training here is fantastic but I think it sometimes helps to get the input of others who have been through the training. Everyone has a different experience here, within Wealthy Affiliate.

But I have spoken with a couple of people that have not done enough research in the beginning and ended up starting all over again with a new site. I did it myself a few years ago when I first got started!
KrisG5 Premium
Thank you for your helpful tips do you think Wealthy Affiliate can help me w my MLM biz
Andrew-74 Premium
Yes of course, you need to attract visitors to your website just the same as with affiliate marketing. So yes it would work no matter what the business was.