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Time flies... It's exactly three months since I joined WA today. A few days prior to that I had suddenly stumbled across affiliate marketing and making money online by accident on a huge news site. It was a commercial for a concept I today will categorize as a "get rich fast" scam. I wasn't fooled but started to investigate other concepts and eventually ended up here at WA. I understood that what you will learn on WA actually will work if you dedicate yourself to it, spend at least some
I have done my first real sales on Amazon this weekend! Not one sale, not two... but in total six sales! Awesome! That truly proves that all the things I have learned at WA works. This is just the first step on the ladder to success for me but I'm more exited than ever. I started with WA 1. September this year. Thanks to Reddit. com this time While I'm still working on my Google rankings which slowly but surely is getting better it's thanks to two links I posted on Reddit Friday evening I sudde
I published my first article on Streetarticles a couple of days ago. I did it mainly to test the site and how it will rank on google. The article is about urban exploring and the links in it leads to my urbex blog and flickr pages and not any of the affiliate sites. I wanted to target the keyword "what is urban exploration" which has a monthly search on 5095, QSR value of only 50 and a SEO score of 90 according to Jaaxy. I promoted the link on reddit and twitter and it has actually been viewed
Hi all, Here is my progress update one month into WA. I'm still around and still working hard. All the things I have learned here at WA has given me insight to the fantastic world of how internet searching and marketing really works and I'm surprised by how fun SEO is. My sites My camera lens site is continuously under development. I have learned that I perhaps added affiliate links to early and in the wrong ways on this site. I have changed a lot but there is still
I have worked steadily with WA since I first learned about it about a month ago, but this week I had to take a break. In Norway we have 'Autumn Holiday' and the schools are closed so I had to take some time of with the family. Originally 'Autumn Holiday' was called 'Potato Holiday' and was free time from school for children to help their parents out in the fields harvesting potatoes. Even if most of us we don't have either fields or potatoes the holiday tradition lives on. So we took the speed
September 15, 2014
It's just two weeks since I found out that WA existed. After a few days with the free version I bought Premium membership which I don't regret. I find this internet marketing business very intriguing and can't wait to continue the training course. After a whole day of full time work, and when my 3 kids sleep, I have 2-3 hours of WA time before I go to bed. During the two first weeks I have set up my first niche webpage and bought a domain. I have written a lot of text and added pictures and tri
I'd like to get in touch with other members from Scandinavia. I'm from Norway (Norwegian) myself, but it would be interesting to hear from people from Sweden (Swedish) and Denmark (Danish) too. Just to exchange ideas and help each other locally. So far I have found one guy from Sweden. Even if I started with WA just 4 days ago the learning curve is perfect for me and I learn something interesting and valuable everyday. Very happy that I found WA.
September 02, 2014
I'm really excited that I just got premium. I think I did the right choice by choosing WA instead of other solutions out there. I'm pretty sure I have a great niche to start with and some ideas to progress. I will definitely continue watching all the tutorials and learn more. I hope to hear success stories from other Norwegians here. And I hope that my work here will help me with a bit financially in the end.