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October 26, 2015
To promote my recently published list post about golf gadgets (, I made this infographic yesterday in Photoshop to be used on Pinterest. What do you think? I'm not sure if it is really useful enough to be shared a lot, but I hope so. Do you have any good idea on how to share it faster on Pinterst?Larger version can be seen here on Pinterest: hope to make more infographcis in the future.Andre
Wow... I 've made my first round up post and I'm very proud of it. A round up post, or crowd sourced post, is a post where you ask several authorities in your niche a few interesting questions and then write those answers in a post. The post: got replies from 8 of the persons I asked, and even if a roundup post ideally should have more experts, I'm satisfied with the first one. Why a roundup post is great:1 - You get most of the content fro
Hi!I would like to get in touch with others writing about fitness and activity trackers. I have a couple of questions, and my goal is to get a bunch of answers and write a blog post. It's my first time trying something like this, but I think it could be a really cool post.Everyone who answers will, of course, get linked back to in the blog post and get a small presentation.Thanks for the help!Andreas
So far in March I have had an average sale on Amazon of 1-2 products a day even if I don't have that much traffic. It all relies on one good keyword high up on Google. That's what I talked about in my last blog post. To repeat the success I wrote a new similar kind of post targeting a good keyword with about 725 monthly searches, QSR 190 and SEO score green 82 with this post. Promote with Facebook Ads To promote my new blog post I wrote about in on my Facebook page and thought I would try to gi
I began Wealthy Affiliates training program about 6 months ago. A few weeks later I started my fitness gadget site and have since then seen a slow positive progress on the traffic and sales. I really enjoy checking my statistics in Google Webmaster tools and keep a close eye on which keywords that get hits. I have now finally managed to see a correlation between my high ranking keywords in Google and Amazon sales! But first ... I have lots of ranking keywords I always write my articles with a s
Unwanted traffic I'm always skeptical when I get traffic from strange looking sites. Russian scam site for instance. Most of the time the traffic come from unreliable sources and scam pages that send unwanted traffic to your site. Luckily it's possible to filter out this traffic in Google Analytics. Today I filtered out a page called o-o-6-o-o. com. Here's the list over other pages I have blocked: NOTE: I had to add a space before the .com here on the blog site to make sure the links can't
... you can watch my recent video from a photography trip to place in Sweden with lots of abandoned cars. It's a common place to visit for photographers and car enthusiasts, but I have not seen many pictures during winter. So I had to do something about that. It's my first video filmed with my Canon 5D mark II and a little GoPro timelapse in the end. Here is the video link to youtube. - Winter At The Car Cemetery | Winter in Båstnäs Inspired by WA I must say I have been inspired by what I hav
Ok. I admit my progress has slowed down lately. After five months working a lot with this, reading and writing half the night and get up early in the morning for work, I think it’s natural that my mind tells me to slow down… I have also been involved with another projects related to my photography hobby that takes up a lot of my already sparse spare time and brain capacity. I really want to work with my niche site and have a lot of plans and ides, but I have struggled to find the motivatio
Hi guys! Happy New Year everyone. This is my first blog post in the year I hope I will remember as the year I made success online. I think I'm on my way, but there is still far to go. Here's a list over what I accomplished last year so I remember it in the future, and perhaps it's interesting for you to read too: Last year - 2014 - Joined WA in September 1. - Went through the Online Entrepreneur course while making my first website - Changed focus when I figured out that the niche was to big a
It took a little while to convince me... Right before Christmas with a lot of expenses and my wife staying at home with our third child, unpaid... But right now I'm so happy I did it yesterday.... I've gone Yearly!! :) I look at it as an essential step for full commitment to my WA work and as a statement that I will not give up this year. With the latest offer it was actually a no-brainer. I had some funds saved up from pictures sales from a photo exhibition earlier this year, and I had put the