I just came back from a fantastic trip to NYC and Hawaii with my family (wife + 3 kids). Being from Norway it is a quite long journey and I had never been in the US before.

It was a great experience! We spent the first 5 days in hectic New York City with a hotel room next to Times Square. It was cold, but we Norwegians are accustomed to that. Then we caught the plane to the Hawaiian island Oahu for the next couple of weeks. I love Hawaii and will definitely come back.

Here is me and my family ready for the Diamond Head hike:

I have to admit I didn't work a minute with my affiliate marketing efforts these three weeks...

But every evening I logged into my Amazon Associates account and checked my Google Analytics data.

It was so cool to see that even if I didn't work, I still made sales and people still stopped by every day on my site! This is really what I want to do for a living, and it was a small taste of my possible future.

I bet many of you have had the same experience.

On top of that: When we came home to Norway, this envelope waited for me in the mailbox:

A new check from Amazon with $2543! Weeeeeee. This is my second check from them. Maybe you read my last blog post too about how happy I was when I got my first $1000 check. :)

I don't write this to brag, but I hope it can inspire others.

Take care,


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Elshaddai3 Premium
Yes really inspired thanks a lot
altard Premium
Hi Andreas, glad to be in your network. Thank you for the follow and I followed you back. Inspiring story on your profile. Hope I can follow your step. Cheers!!
camille88 Premium
Hi Andreas, I write to you when I have a problem because you answer right away Thank you. What plugin do you use for call to action buttons pls help me. Where do I find Css code? Thanks..
Yes, this inspires!
bzjuly Premium
So excited for you and really hoping this will be me ASAP ;) Great job! Keep it up!
VanessaN Premium
Loving it Andreas!
TommyK Premium
Well done Andreas, keep up the good work.
Dinh Premium
Congrats! What a nice feeling to get that check.
roamy Premium
So happy for you,vacation and money waiting when you get back, what more could you ask for?
gentak Premium
Inspiring :)...congratulations...I'll be following you.
Best wishes!
dickw Premium
Not a bad way to make a living. Nice job!
samu64 Premium
Hi Andreas, congratulation, hope more does get to you.
Chris Lee Premium
Awesome ! Congratulations buddy! :)
Looks like the December sales boost came in nicely!
laurenjean Premium
Wow!!! Congrats!!! Thats awesome!! Is that from the sale of a lot of small ticket items or a few sales of big ticket items?