Questions by Anatolie 9

Is it possible to get cash credits back?
I made a transaction from cash credits to cash. I did not realize that…
9 months ago 2 Replies
How often we should update the content on our website?
Many persons talk that we should update the content, but how often we…
1 year ago 14 Replies
Did anyone have the same problem with yoast before?
Hi folks!Three days ago I installed the Yoast plugin. Also, I imported…
1 year ago 3 Replies
Why some websites don't allow comments on their posts?
Hi folks,I've encountered websites that do not allow comments on their…
1 year ago 10 Replies
Does anyone know how to fix social settings issues?
Hi everyone!Please, I need urgent help with social settings on my post!I…
1 year ago 4 Replies
How the options from site comments works?
Hi everyone!Recently, I requested 5 comments for a post and asked to be…
2 years ago 5 Replies
Can the website domain name influence traffic on website?
Do you think that the website domain name can influence the quantity of…
2 years ago 13 Replies
Why my wealthy affiliate post still not indexed by google?
Hi folks!I'm completely confused because my 4-month post about WA is still…
2 years ago 12 Replies
Why my social settings don't work for all post correctly?
Hi everyone!Can someone tell me why my social settings don't work for…
2 years ago 5 Replies