A good start, isn't it?

Last Update: September 27, 2018

I recently encountered an error related to the preview image when I shared a blog post on Facebook.

To my great satisfaction, I can say that I have found a solution in the WA community, so within a few minutes, I have fixed the error.

However, the next day I saw again that another image was missing on my FB page.

Again, I followed the same steps to remove the error, but I was surprised when I saw that FB Debug tool was useless now. So, I said something bad in my language and I start looking for a solution.

This time I found it on Google. I fixed the error and immediately came up the idea: ''OMG... I could create my first training in WA based on this error''
So, I put myself on work and ''Voila'' (here is), my first training in WA.

My first training for WA community

But this is not all. Thanks to this experience I shared my first post on WA.

A good start, isn't it?

All the best!


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GuineaPig Premium
Well done, congratulations.
wealthysage Premium
Well done Anatolie, an inspiring story :)
Anatolie Premium
Calvinator63 Premium
Hey there Anatolie,

You are one of the lucky ones you found a problem, then the solution to the problem, and now you are letting others know how you did it.

What a wonderful way this cycle of helping and paying it back works at WA.

Most training is written from personally learning about it first, then sharing it with others, and it benefits the whole community as a whole by doing this.

You have a Great Day,

Anatolie Premium
Thanks a lot!
Every day convince me that WA is amazing.