What makes a Business Successful? Here is my take.

Last Update: May 30, 2019

Hey All,

Part of my jump into WA was throwing myself into things that make me uncomfortable. In this venture, I also threw myself into a new workout craze flooding the fitness world lately. I wanted to try something challenging and rewarding and, as always, I wanted to be surrounded by like minded souls with kind hearts. Orange Theory has an advertisement for a free class and I said, Why the hell not?" I had nothing to lose. Upon arriving, the people were so kind and helped me every step of the way. I left there not only feeling like I had a fantastic workout, but that I had made a new friend as well.

This had me thinking, because things be having me thinking at times ( Yes, I know that isn't a proper sentence), and I realized how affective this business model is and why I have been turned off to certain businesses or products in the past. Have any of you been to a counseling session? Well I have and let me tell you, there is no bigger turn off than having to pour your heart and soul out to a person and being greeted at the end with a, "How would you like to pay for this?" Let that sink in. I ended up feeling more empty after the session than before.

Recently, I had an meeting with a person selling a product whom presented it as a training to help a new employee. Long story short, that "Person" became very aggressive when I kindly declined the product and stated that I was only supporting the training by helping the new employee receive hands on learning with a new trade. That type of reaction made me never want to purchase this product from him. Not only did he lose a customer, but he lost a supporter that may have given out his information to people seeking out life insurance.

I am curently trying to build my following on social media. I personally message each and every new follower and let them know that I am here to support their page and passion. I may not need the product at the moment, but what I can promise you is that I will root you on and stay a loyal follower. Businesses and people trying to sell to consumers get so caught up in trying to make that "sell", that they lose the humanity element that the sells world so desperately needs.

It is dishearting to see an unfollow right after you follow someone back, even after kind words and a demonstration of support. But, at the end of the day I want a genuine following and genuine connections, I want to buy products from people who are genuine about helping others, I want to see inspiring character. If your product or buisness can give me that, it is a win win for me and you will have a loyal customer. Have trust that your heart of gold and sincerity to help others with lead you to great success. It may not come as fast as it does for others, but it will last and that is a promise. I was once told that having a heart like that makes you weak and I disagree; having a heart of gold is much more difficult because it is much easier to dive into immoral tactics than face the negative head on and keep showing your heart without it affecting who you are at the core. That right there is the epitome of discipline. Cheers to all those genuine hearts of gold out there!! Rock on!!

Moral of the story, appreciate any support you are given no matter which avenue it comes in.


Amy Mishal

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SondraM Premium
Great post. Thanks for sharing the "Moral of the story."

Welcome to WA.

With this post, you have helped me stay laser focused on what I want my website to be about. A resource for my readers/my target audience. I do not want people to feel like I am trying to sell them on some thing. Granted, I still have a ton of work to do.

People that never took the time to get to know you because they un-followed you once you followed them are the ones losing out. In so many ways.

They are clearly involved with the social media platform only with hopes of making money off of people.

Last week, I read a disgusting blog post written by a social media marketing company explaining how to grow your followers by doing that. They hope that most people will not notice the un-follow. Of course they were trying to sell their services which automates the process.
Stevo55 Premium
That's what it's all about! Great post! Keep it up!
Amyymishal Premium
Thank you Steve! I appreciate it more than you know.

Amy Mishal