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Hey All,Part of my jump into WA was throwing myself into things that make me uncomfortable. In this venture, I also threw myself into a new workout craze flooding the fitness world lately. I wanted to try something challenging and rewarding and, as always, I wanted to be surrounded by like minded souls with kind hearts. Orange Theory has an advertisement for a free class and I said, Why the hell not?" I had nothing to lose. Upon arriving, the people were so kind and helped me every step of
Hey Everyone:I have already had the chance to meet some really kind people here on WA and finally have the time to sit down and do an about me post. My name is Amy Berlin. I am a 32 year old Mother of two. (Yes, I told you my age because age aint no thing but a number baby). I was born in Amarillo Texas, then considered a pretty small town, but has grown a lot since those days. My Dad was a carpenter, my Mother a custom picture frame artist and they move here to collab together to build and