I’m exhausted! Insights and learning from my experience at WA.

Last Update: January 27, 2019

Last night my son called us from school, told us he got the summer internship offer from Google.

For 22 years, our son has always brought us countless surprises. I enjoy talking to him and sharing happiness with him.

But this time my mind was in somewhere else.

Through the phone, he has noticed it and asked me what was going on. I told him that I’ve been working on the computer for over 5 hours. I’m exhausted!

Here was the next thing he said to me: Mom, you got to give yourself a break. You are frying your brain.

Yes, I am. He was right.

From the first day of joining WA, my passion has never stopped. I love the training at WA. Love working on my website. Love learning every day.

I want to do as much as I can, but time goes by too fast. I feel the day is not long enough.

My mind is filled with every kind of question. I wanted to fix them all at once. Until yesterday I suddenly realized that I’ve been driving myself crazy.

I couldn't enjoy my everyday life, couldn’t taste the food, couldn’t sleep well...Even when my son shared his exciting news wouldn’t drag me out of the hole.

Worst of all, my mind is shutting down!!

So, I decided to take a day off. Stay away from the computer, completely nothing to do on it. We are going out for lunch, a big buffet. I need it.

Before we go, I’d like to share some of the thoughts I’ve learned from my exhausting experience.

Work smarter, not harder.

We are human, not a machine. Even a machine needs maintenance.

Having good sleep and healthy food will increase your energy.

Without energy, your body, your brain will not function.

Making progress.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." --- Robert Collier

Learn something new, post a new article on your website, fix a technical issue...

Each little step you take reveals a new horizon. Take the first step then challenge yourself to take the next one.

Do not race against time.

We only have certain hours every day. The best we can do is not wasting time.

I was trying so hard to beat the time but ended up leading to a decrease in productivity.

Have a plan but be flexible.

We want to have a good plan. It’s the blueprint for the future. Without it, we will not have a clear direction.

But we also need to be flexible. Not every plan will work the way we wanted to. Adjust it when it needs to, for matching the best results.

Living a well-balanced life.

  • Taking care of and nurturing yourself. You cannot accomplish anything if you're unhealthy.
  • Know what your priorities are. Life is not only about money or business. There is something more important that need us to pay more attention to.
  • Be organized and plan ahead. This will increase your productivity.
  • Enjoy yourself. Spend time with your family and loved ones.

We are participating in a marathon.

Success will take time. We cannot expect that happens overnight.

My brother and his wife run a successful restaurant in Beijing of China. In the last ten years, they have been through all kind of obstacles.

If they've given up on it, they would've never had a chance to succeed.

Same as an offline business, an online business also needs time. Wer're participating in a marathon.

The good news is, we have more chances of creating a successful business on the internet. The best things we can do are have Faith. Keep working. Never ever… give up!!!


Are you ready for the long run?

Have you ever had any good or bad experiences when you‘re building up your business?

What’s on your mind?

Everybody deserves a bright future and a wonderful life!

Wishing everybody Bounce Back Big in 2019!


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Funder Premium
Definitely, the truth that exactly what's on my mind
We need to take a break sometimes, thank you for sharing
Good luck, with your business,
AmyHD Premium
Hi Nicole, thanks for the comment.
Take good care of yourself.
All the best.
Jessibelle72 Premium
Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean... and yes, we have to be nice to ourselves. Great that you have people around you who can detect when you need to take a break, and are so nice that they tell you. That is caring!
AmyHD Premium
Hi Jessica. Thank you for reading my post.

You are right, we need to take care of ourselves. With all the love and peace in mind we will go further.

Best wishes to you. : )
Tomandjerry Premium
Thanks for this.
AmyHD Premium
You are welcome.
Fleeky Premium
So true! Take a break and relax in time.
Thank you for sharing!
AmyHD Premium
A break did help a lot. Thanks for the comment. : )
Fleeky Premium
And be careful with tablets and mobiles, they dmmge eyes
AmyHD Premium
To Ruzel and Terand. Sorry I have lost my original article while I was editing it.
Thank you for your comment on it.
Have a great week.