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Hello, my name is Malyn, I am 32, married, and a mother of two young children. I am looking to dedicate a full time schedule towards online marketing. I want to be home for my children as much as possible and am trying to plant seeds for a successful future for my family. I plan to use this industry to fund a restaurant for my husband and I to have as a family business to raise our kids. He is an amazing person and a talented chef who deserves his own space to create. I also have many hobbies that I would love to do which will also be sources of income. I see this as my ticket to automated income which would allow me time to pursue other ventures. I Will Figure It Out!
About my past! I have a fashion degree. I was in the industry for a few years where I traveled quite frequently and attended amazing shows. I loved the creative environment but the schedule did not work with my family plans. I have been in the hospitality industry for 20 years as an event planner and managing and serving at restaurants. I have also done graphic design for freelance companies out of NY, but by no means am I a graphic designer. I have owned 2 of my own business where I developed my own products but I always get caught up when it comes to the money for production of the goods.
Life is good when you make the best of it!
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jpogrins Premium
Hello... like your picture, you have found fertile ground to grow your internet marketing seeds in! Good Luck!
amohawkblend Premium
Thanks, thought it was appropriate. LOL!
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
Welcome to WAU. The first few days can be overwhelming. Just treat it like a big shopping mall you're visiting for the first time and take it quietly window shopping. In a couple of weeks you'll feel like you've been here forever. Enjoy your journey.
amohawkblend Premium
Great way to simplify things, thanks :-) Yesterday...confused, today...feeling much better.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
amohawkblend Premium
Hello, I am new to this program and would love a little advice on what info is most important to a newbie such as myself. Thanks for your words!