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November 05, 2019
Hi, Everyone, Lesson for your Life. Lesson for your Future. I think, all you agree with my Lesson.I think experience is very important for maturity, maturity is important for understand and implementation.Small Business Online For MeI am many times in online, my family member blame me not to use, not to live with computer so much times. What do you do so many time in internet? such questions are arising behind me. But, I don't consider, I don't care about that.But, I have a idea to find online
One is,Still have not success, we have devolope upto (access to) success. For that, we should have the knowledge, hard work, other support some time we have not sleep for the night too.Two is, Now if we have (access to) success, We have maintain a long time continuously.For that, we should have the knowledge, use tricks, some works.Three is, If you have practice unsuccess thing, we should never practice again.For that, we should understand the thing of success and unsuccess, and we should do h
We joined with WA, and we have more experience on WA as member.I think, you also agree with me.But, some more things, still we have to learn. it may WA network, online business, some updates of the network or any.To Whom do you come NOw?I mean, as a senior member of WA,We should guide,We should appreciate,We should promoteAndWe should push up to the business. For ALL Newcomers, in anytime, if you canOther thing, As a senior member of WA,We should suggest,We should support,We should mention,We s
If you are boring, what should I think?Try to share you knowledge, If you share your knowledge, With Writing something, you can improve your KnowledgeWriting AbilityNetwork on WAThat is my point of view. I think, you also agree with meIf you teach someone, you can improve your, Knowledge + New Knowledge like a chainBecause, teaching is rather difficult, you have to search, read and discuss with others Dignity as a teacher, learners are salute to you Friend’s Network on WAIf you help othe
I Have Trouble With My Page Speed. I want to test my site speed with google page speed testing site., I check, it says, there are issues on some imagesBy checking following text,Serve images in next-gen formats, I could find there are many issues on my used imagesThen, again, I Wanted To Check Speed Post By PostClick here Then, click the site managerAnd then, Click hereThen, you can see the following image with list of posts Left Deskto
What I sayServeral members tell about indexed in googgle their posts, sometime, one, two, three etc.I like to suggest, You can check, from the fist post and up to now, there will more articles in your sites, it may diffent domains too. You can check, How many articles indexed by google upto now?I think, many of our members might know about that, anyway, I like to help for the newcomers, there is a way to find ourhow many published-articles indexed by googleHow IT PointingThen, from the Content
October 06, 2019
When I went to fair near my house, I see, the traders are sitting with their product to sell. I see there are crowed around one trader, he calls, sale sale carrots, sale sale beans etc. When I close to his place.He putting one messurement unit one plate and other plate fill with some of one kind of vegitables.At that time, one customer came and request 2kilos of Cabbage. There are some large size of cabbage, he trying to put one plate their mesurement units of 2kilos, then other place use to fi
We are working better wayWe are still learning with support of them.When our school life still remember for us. But, now we are far away from school.Many times, try to self learning, try to get some other's help. Still unstoppable learning with supporting with them. When we select wrong path, they teke to put real path. I was happend many times such way, but with help of their trainings, I set to real path.Why don't we celebrate our current teachers Kyle, Carson and Jaythose who are our highly
If you can achieve 100 premium sales between Sept 1st, 2019 and Dec 31st, 2019 you are going to be invited to Vegas for this years Super Affiliate Conference! Get more details here."Are you Ready?We had big challage before 1st of Septempber 2019 300 premium sales, but now, the target is minimised upto 100 premium sales ( Sept 1st, 2019 and Dec 31st, 2019 ).Still We have a time to successfull of the dream. I get full try in this thress months to 100 premium sales.Per month only 34 sales enought.
I received Top 200 Badge, Im very happy the succes of my target. Hey Family, with my hard works, I recived the badge . I want to suggest for newcomers, This is very important task of my goal. Please Try to acheive it, No more hard think others and others work. Then, Help others, participate with other question, blogs by keeping comments their work. We should appreciate them. we support by keeping comments constructively. I think my next target is "Ambassador" I appreciate all of you my WA fami