Different Between Known Devil and Unknown Fairy

Last Update: November 08, 2019

Traditional Tale

I think, you also know about, Devil and Fairy tale has in the traditional society. Normally we talk about, you know about, known devil and unknown fairy. It compare like known devil is better than unknown fairy. It has hidden concept I think you too can understand.

Who is the Unknown Fairy?

I know many people like, many people use lottery tickets. Some people buy lottery tickets from high prices. But, winnings or win prizes cannot seen or cannot understand. NO any idea only guessing. We can pray for god after buy such lottery tickets until end of the draw it.

Instant Success, No Patient

Many people expect to instant money, instant success, this is because, those who are getting trouble or getting unsuccessful.

They don't know cent by cent should collect,

Step by Step go up on ladder,

Level by Level we teach to student, and their knowledge developed same way.

And we also same on “Online Entrepreneur Certification” on WA.

Who is the Known Devil?

When we explain about this online business, many people don't accept, don't try to understand of their success came in their door step. But, some people think again and join with us to work find their success. Many people don't agree with our explanation.

I explain advantage of this WA network, and success people of it, many of them are not consider but they accept their unknown lottery success.

Why? Who are them?

What Can We Do For Them, How Can We Call Them?

Many People are believe their unknown fairy of Lottery. But, they don't believe known devil of online business success.

Why this people don't like to work hard and why they patient to coming their success. They like instant success like lottery.

That is the really current society. Our some of the people work and expect large success with instantly, no patient, and no hard work until the success.

I think you also have such experience, please join with us to share information. And I appreciate your participation to discuss about that.

Thanks so much you.

I Wish You Much Success For All


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runawaynow99 Premium
Got mt attention brother, this so true

Thank you
AmazeCPS Premium
thanks you joining
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I agree with you, Sam!! Well said!💚
AmazeCPS Premium
thanks Heidi
CStauber Premium
Yes I couldn’t agree with you more. I was that way at first until I realized that something worth building does not happen overnight. It takes lots of planning, training, and hard work

Have a blessed day
AmazeCPS Premium
Yes really, Charlotte, that is the real. But, Problem is current world.
Thanks you to participateion
Babou3 Premium
Nice post.
The snapshot is the disease of our century. Many people no longer want to work hard and take the time to see success. This is why scammers thrive on the internet. People like these scammers to sell them a fairy tale where they wouldn't have to work to become a millionaire.

AmazeCPS Premium
That will totally effect to future. Stolen goods steal by other thrive, no hardwork, not patient, not actual success.
How do we do for them?
thanks for joining Ingrid
Tirolith Premium
"We only have one life so grow it one step at a time." Tom Short.

"Life was not meant to be easy so do no be impatient to get to the end but make it a positive one." Tom Short.

"A dream is the foundation for action that will lead to success which will encourage the growth of fulfillment to a Quality life." Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

AmazeCPS Premium
Thank you to joining with us Tom