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Last Update: September 09, 2014

So! as I am driving home from work today, and as I normally do, I am listening to NPR (national public radio). And they say that with all the retail stores (target, home depot etc.) having problems with security and personal info being leaked, that buying online is safer than going in the stores and swiping your card. So! I was thinking if my like minded friends from WA are thinking what I am thinking, then its time to push, push, push your business like never before. It doesn't matter what your niches is. Push to get them on it and I guarantee the will buy whatever it is you are selling.

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SoupGypsy Premium
Good point. Thanks for making it.
VitaliyG Premium
Sooner or later, pretty much everything we do consumer wise will likely transfer over to the internet. The old school traditional business is falling out of fashion and online business is only going to be more in demand. Because we with WA, we're on top of this ever growing industry and moving forward, this is the future!
jazminf Premium
Yes this has been a big problem for the Big retail stores lately. And i agree that people are gonna start doing more of their shopping online.Great post, gives us something to think about:)
kleblanc13 Premium
Isn't it amazing how only a few years ago people were afraid to buy online for that very reason and now the roles are reversed.
amayarae1 Premium
you are so right...
KLewis Premium
Great blog,We have many wireless credit machines,We have not ran into this problem.I take every measure that it does not happen.But then again one never knows.......................Ken