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September 09, 2014
So! as I am driving home from work today, and as I normally do, I am listening to NPR (national public radio). And they say that with all the retail stores (target, home depot etc.) having problems with security and personal info being leaked, that buying online is safer than going in the stores and swiping your card. So! I was thinking if my like minded friends from WA are thinking what I am thinking, then its time to push, push, push your business like never before. It doesn't matter what you
August 25, 2014
Hello WA affiliates! This is my first blog ever. Coming into this thing I had no idea on what I was get in into or what to expect. The only social outlet I have is Facebook , and all I really have on there are mostly my family and a few friends. Joining wealthy affiliates is like an eye opening experience for me. I am learning that there are a lot more like minded people out there looking to get whatever it is that they like or like doing out of the storage bind in their mind and showing it t