Validating Contact Form 7 Configuration

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Hi guys and gals,

So I just logged in to my site and got a notification that I need to validate my contact form 7 configuration because misconfiguration leads to mail delvery failure or other troubles.

I'm wondering if there are still some of you using Contact Form 7 because if my memory serves me right, Jay did a training wherein he recommended the WP Ninja Forms plugin as alternative to Contact Form 7.

Has anyone of you got this notification too? How do we go about this "validation" thing?

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Nqueen Premium
Hi Alysanna I got the same notification and went ahead with it. Just clicked on the form and one or two other things can't really remember but after the clicks, as they directed I was told it's been updated. Nothing much to it.
Hope this helps.
don1rock Premium
Hi Alysanna,
I use Contact Form 7 & haven't seen that. I tried Ninja Forms & even upgraded. When I decided to quit them I couldn't get rid of them, They just kept billing me. I finally had to have the bank help me shut them down.
CandP Premium
We are using Contact Form 7 on both of our websites and have not received that notification as yet.
Colette and Philip
Bald Eagle Premium
I got the same this morning - pleased you asked.
Hopefully someone will come along and give us a hand with the correct answer
Alysanna Premium
Finally figured it out. Just click verify and your contact form 7 is good to go.
Bald Eagle Premium
Thanks I'll go and try that now as I had deactivated it until I found out the solution