Going Up, Up: I Finally Broke the 10K Mark

Last Update: February 23, 2020

I’ve been working consistently on my website, writing and publishing 1,000 plus+word articles every week and using good keywords. So to reach 11K monthly visitors and a record-high 742 users yesterday was a huge accomplishment.

For the past 6 months, my daily users were ranging from 200 to 300 and at times it would go up to as high as 380, but that was about it. Monthly visitors were from 5K to 7K. And to be honest, I was quite happy with that.

Until some members here started blogging about some changes or updates in Google algorithm which may affect the traffic to our sites, positively or negatively, that is. Well, I got worried a little bit because mine suffered some significant bumps with Google’s update last year.

To my surprise, my traffic actually increased and I supposed part of it was a result of Google’s latest experiment. Overall, I’d say that using great keywords is the key to driving more traffic. And this is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

One more thing I would like to share is the use of Pinterest. I started using this platform less than a year ago and today I am so ecstatic that I now have 193K monthly viewers, which is a 305% increase from last month. Again, the use of good keywords is key. I often re-pin my old pins but I use a different keyword every time.

Why is traffic so important? Of course, we all know the answer to this.

How has the latest Google experiment affected your traffic? Are you leveraging Pinterest? I would like to hear from you.


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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

This is REALLY good work!

You are correct.
Google's latest update would only have affected you negatively if your were not aligned with the simple basics like, using good keywords and writing good UX content.

You are doing both and will continue to benefit.

Pinterest is EXCELLENT!
Enjoy our success.

Alysanna Premium
BrendaMZ Premium
Alice, that is great news. Gaining traffic is great. Along with gaining traffic so should your earnings power. If you have a lot of traffic and not gaining any money, I would be greatly concerned about that. You didn't mention that. I would understand that would be private information.

If you're gaining a lot of traffic for the keywords and making sales.
Congratulations. Yes, more traffic, means more sales.

I have not used any social media. I don't know why. I shudder the thought of it. I know people are really into social media. At my age, I am having a hard time understanding how they work. I do not use Pininterst, or any social media. Used to love Facebook but not anymore. Now loathe FB. I rarely am on it. My profile is still there rarely check it. Only one thing,I like to try is YouTube but am little ambivalent about how to use that also.
Alysanna Premium
Hello Brenda,

Yeah, it is expected that an increase in traffic means an increase in sales and yes it has been for me. Although I can't say it's enough to make me wanna quit my day job in order to work full time on my site.

I have Facebook but I seldom use it to promote my site. I am also contemplating on starting a YouTube channel, something that I should have done months ago. I have my doubts too but I've read a lot of encouraging posts and I guess there's no harm in trying. Who knows it might just be the big break we're waiting for.

So I'd say, go for it, Brenda.
BrendaMZ Premium
Thanks, got to just do it, will need to figure that one out on how to do YouTube.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Alice,

Thank you for sharing your success story.

I haven't used Pinterest yet ... I plan to do that very shortly so it was great to read how well you've been doing with it.

I've been rather negligent lately on my site and have no idea how the latest Google experiment affected my traffic. I'll have to check...

I'm sure not very good... life's challenges are getting in the way with kids, etc. BUT it will all get better...

Have a Blessed Sunday.

Alysanna Premium
Yeah, i understand, Monica. It can be tough to maintain a website when there are so many things that need to be taken care of as well.

I have two websites in different niches, which I built almost at the same time. Well, I thought I could manage both while working 9-5 but it was just too much to handle. My first site ended up on the sidelines while I focused on the second one. Now that I can see consistent traffic on the latter, I supposed I can start revamping the former.

Taking care of family, especially the kids, will always take first priority. But I know you'll find time to work on your site.

Happy Monday!
TheForce Premium
I haven't started using Pinterest yet, as all of these different avenues take time, effort and work to learn to put them to use. I'm currently still putting some foundation content on my first site here. I have done some research though, and I've found that Pinterest is a very powerful traffic tool. Thanks for confirming my next move!
Alysanna Premium
True, Pinterest is a very powerful traffic tool. We just need to know how to use it properly. I guess most people will say you should pin 3 times daily but I do it just once. And as I said, a good keyword is key.

All the best to you, Nicolas.
Ahimbe Premium
Congratulations upon hit that 10,000 visitors landmark.
Best of wishes as you grow the number further.
Alysanna Premium
I’m looking forward to growing this number, thank you.

Much success to you as well.