Perfection Is The Enemy of Progress.

Last Update: November 26, 2016

I had to keep telling myself that as I worked to finish Course 1. I don't know how many times I've started a project or a website for that matter to never finish because it wasn't perfect. Or I'd learn something, but never put what I've learned into practice because "I wasn't ready."

I upgraded to premium yesterday after only signing up for WA 3 days before. I couldn't pass up the Black Friday deal and I felt like if I didn't just do it, it would never get done. So, I told myself that if I'm going to upgrade I need to just go through the lessons and do what it says to get a website up, no matter how unready I feel.

Things aren't perfect on my website so far. I have an about page that I want to edit the heck out of, but I finished Course 1 and I'm ready to tackle Course 2 to see how much more progress I can make. Baby steps...I can always go back and edit after I finish!

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TheBuilder Premium
Hello dear, thanks for the follow.
I wish you achieve your goal soon.
kmotte Premium
That's my number one enemy.
jmatos Premium
That's great! Happy to hear the positive attitude. You can do it!

I agree as well, you can always go back and edit so the best thing to do is continue progressing.

Great bio too. Looking forward to following your progress!

- Jonathan
TheNetwork16 Premium
Yes, I agree with you
Best thing is to create a website and follow the training steps .

Wish you all the best :)