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Well, isn't this funny? Two blog posts back I wrote that I was waiting on Google to rank some of my latest posts. That still hasn't happened. Tonight I decided to look into Google Webmaster Tools. When I looked at Search Queries I saw all kinds of interesting word combinations that aren't keywords I've targeted. Meanwhile, I didn't see most of the keywords I had targeted on the list. My First Page One Ranking So, I decided to go into Google and enter the keywords from several of my recent posts
It's really hard for me to believe I've been part of WA for three months now. But I have! When I wrote a post at two months and eleven days, I tried to describe everything I had accomplished to that point. I can't do it this time. I've learned so much! What Have I Done? Mainly, this past month I've worked hard to write more posts, to add quality content to my site. Along with that, I've joined a number of affiliate programs and have added a few affiliate links onto my site. And I've done a lot
To this point, I haven't seen been able to get a page 1 ranking in Google. I was hoping this blog post would be announcing my first page 1 ranking ... but it's not. Not yet! But I feel so close. It has to happen soon. I've done a lot of keyword searching and, as Kyle has taught us, have found a number of keywords with competition less than 10. My last couple posts have utilized these keywords. My next-to-last post focused on a keyword with competition of 6. I even was able to add another relate
October 11, 2014
I started taking Tang Soo Do (a form of karate from Korea) lessons back in July, along with my son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandsons. We passed our first “belt test” a week ago, so today I received my new belt. It is customary that when one advances to the next belt level, they break a board with either using their hand or with a kick. This time, we were asked to do it using a side kick. None of us had ever done that before.Perceiving life as a 3-year old My 3-year old grandson Markus had h
I wrote a post at the one-month mark, so it's time for me to think out loud again and share my two-month review. This one is a bit harder to write because I have learned so much it's impossible to remember it all. When I joined WA I did not have any previous experience or knowledge with affiliate marketing. I had helped modify existing websites for work purposes in the past but had never developed my own. So, it's been a good challenge and a wonderful learning experience.Training and Community
Every once in a while I see a post that questions whether Wealthy Affiliate is for real. Typically, the writer mentions that they have had one or more bad experiences with other entities that they label as scams and they want to be assured that they won't encounter yet another similar experience. It's possible that they have had someone close to them laugh at them for trying "yet another idea." Maybe that friend or spouse or family member even said something like, "They are all the same - all g
September 26, 2014
Since I am in the middle of Course 3 where we are being told to sign up as affiliates and add affiliate links to our posts, I went ahead and wrote a draft of a post to work on applying the information in one of the lessons. I had already signed up for an independent affiliate program but the only link provided by this particular program was one affiliate link to the home page of their website. No banners, no specials, just the one potential link. So, I added the link into my draft post a number
Like so many who come into this business with little knowledge of website details, no real experience with blogging regularly, and absolutely no knowledge about affiliate marketing, I get bogged down once in a while. Fortunately, I have the experience of others in WA to inform me. I know it requires some time to step back and think about building a business before I can move forward again. I have reached the point in the training (Course 3, Lessons 3-5) where we are told to join an affiliate ne
I wanted to place a Privacy Policy link and a copyright statement on the right side of my site's footer as well as a "Return to Top of Page" link on the left side. The Custom Menu widget would normally be a good choice to use for the link, however, my theme would not allow me to use it in the footer. So, I had to figure out how to do this using HTML. In addition, my theme provided only one large Footer Widget Area while other themes provided multiple predefined footer widget areas such as Foote
September 10, 2014
I've struggled the past several weeks to understand a number of things related to WordPress. As I've looked at other's sites I've thought, "That's the way I want my site to look," but I just couldn't figure out how to get it the way I wanted it. Finally, today, I think I got to the point where I had answers to my questions and my site looks like I want it. Now I even feel like I understand how I could do some of those things several different ways. What a relief to my brain! Take a look. I'm fe