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This lady has some pretty ambitious hopes as far as attempting to make some extra income.. I work hard on whatever I am doing and this will take an extra measure that is not within my means.
I read a lot of whatever comes across my computer and have heard some good things about WA. I decided I should at least give it a try.
At this time W/A does not factor into my life There are elements here that are personal and I can't discuss so please, do not feel that I can bear another dose of judgment.
Those of you that have read here have been so sweet and kind for the most part. There are rotten apples in every barrel; that can not be avoided. I respect what each and every one of you are doing here.
.Be Nice, with what you do. God Bless you all and may your endeavors be fruitful.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
I am guessing you are looking for a specific number here. I can't give you one. In all honesty, I will be happy to just be earning, for now.
Money I would be ecstatic earning
It would do my heart good to see I have the capailities and then grow them from there.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Once I see that my TIME is invested wisely, it will become the center of my life.
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Sep 14, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?
I am guessing you are looking for a specific number here. I can't give you one. In all honesty, I will be happy to just be earning, for now.

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
It would do my heart good to see I have the capailities and then grow them from there.

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
Once I see that my TIME is invested wisely, it will become the center of my life.
LMethot Premium
Great answers, tough cookie... Good luck!
Very realistic and understandable response. I feel the same way. Why spend lots of time and money until you are comfortable, confident, and capable. Hopefully it really is a “what you give is what you get” kind of return on our efforts.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Alley- Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and I hear what you are saying however if you can ask yourself how much money you would like as extra income to create a time freedom lifestyle what would this be.
This will give you something to work for and towards as you move forward with your new online business.

Do all the training offered here in WA as it will give you everything you need and I wish you success along this new path you are taking
Kyrielle Premium
Outstanding goals! There is literally always somebody willing and ready to respond to any question when you need help. Don’t hesitate to ask. You have everything you need to succeed!

Kyle Premium
Excellent Alley, I know you will achieve your goals. As you start seeing more progress and results, you will be able to spend more time on your business.

When I started out online, I had limited time because I was in school full time and I was able to achieve "full time" status within the online business world in a year. I totally understand that we all have "time" issues in life, but I absolutely know you can do the same and accomplish the same sort of success!

Take action on the training here, immerse yourself within the community, and ask for help when you need it. This is your sure path to your own personal goals and successes Alley! :)
Calvinator63 Premium
The numbers big or small are not the important thing here Alley, what is important is that you set a path for yourself, being a businesswoman (as our profile states).

You should know through experience and/or research of prior businesses it is estimated that roughly 95% of all entrepreneurs that fail was contributed to a lack of goal setting, business plans or just a sense of their projected direction.

Without knowing and jumping into something completely blind is setting yourself up for failure before you even get started.

Something to think about,
Hi There and thank you for understanding what I have written There are personal factors that weigh heavy; but, if this is a "what you give is what you get" arrangement, then my efforts may find that this is a good fit.

I have decided to follow you.

The best to you.
It is so good of you to understand what I am saying. I have not written an amount for what kind of money I would like as an extra income because that is difficult. I may take a little longer than most to complete this but I will try my darndest to achieve extra income, no matter what category it falls into.

I have started on the training and give it all I have to give. This is very important to me.

Your Welcome was a very nice thing that you have done.

Thanks so much.
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Mark120 Premium
Alleyl,Hi! I'm 2 months older than you and I'am ready to explain consistently, how I'm doing with a huge interest here at WA from 13/July 2018
Hi Mark,

Wow, I'm impressed. By looking at what you have earned thus far, it looks as though you already have a website up and running? How? Is it an income-producing article?

I am looking forward to you filling me in on how you did this.

Talk Soon,

Mark120 Premium
I will answer you asap,thank you
Is it possible for me to read the website you have published? I don't know if that is allowed or what.

Please be candid with me. I appreciate honesty.

Mark120 Premium
Alleyl, Hello!
1.you can read, be frank and honest. Here are links to Two of my training opuses : 2 Here is a link to the universal lesson on content and the process of its publication. You are an expert and do not brake yourself. P.S.Be kind to Me
& give, please, CRITICAL comments. Thank You very much for Your attention, Mark
Mark120 Premium
Excuse, forgot, my website is : mkcleancoal@siterubix.com
You mean they show our age on this? Don't you know a gentleman never talks about a lady's age?

Mark, I apologize for not getting back to you but I am not a premium member and my priveledges were closed until they gave us this little gift.

Anyway, hope you are well.
Your little lines sent do bring a smile to me.

Success to you,
Mark120 Premium
it is not clear: who is talking about age? only about study and business
When you wrote to give me your website address you gave me this: mkcleancoal at siterubix com.
I apologize for the way I had to send this but only premium members are allowed to send links in comments.

Just to let you know, it did not take me to your website. Instead, it took me to my mail where I send to others.

If you still would allow me to share your training opuses, I would be happy to look at them once I can get to them.

Continued success,

Mark120 Premium
Alleyl,Hello! My site in the initial stage, and its content with three different content pages can be opened by clicking on the links on my profile page. This is available for you. I want you to decide on the transition to premium status in the coming days.
billy947 Premium
Hi Alley,

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

I am looking forward to helping you with getting started. My suggestion would be to take some action because there is a great deal to learn.

Getting started here is easy, the training lessons are awesome and there are 1000's of people to help you succeed: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a shout. Stay Well.

Thanks Bill. Nice of you to offer but be careful because I need lots of help. I did not know where to start and you here you are showing me how to get started Level 1. Tomorrow is the start of a new week and I will try to get in the groove.

Again, thanks for the offer to shout!

billy947 Premium
You are very welcome, wishing you all the best.
You have been very nice and attentive to your contacts to me. They are much appreciated.
However, I am not a premium member and my chat privileges were cut and that is why you did not hear back from me.

Wishing you well and much success.

Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Alley, welcome to the WA, online business marketing. You have made a great decision to join the best community. Go through all the step by step training, learn how to set up your own website and how to monetize it.
Best of luck to you
dazwilk Premium
Welcome to the WA community Alley you have come to the right place to get started. Get involved follow the training and soon you will be living the quality life you desire. All the best and I look forward to you interacting with me and our fellow WA'ers.

PurrPower Premium
Hi Alley,

I'm glad you made it! After you begin to see the powerful tools, training, and remarkable opportunities available here, I know you will be glad also.

Your first task will be to pick an affiliate niche you are interested in. That just means you need to decide what your blog and online business will be about.

To help you out with that, I created a short eBook called 659 Profitable Niche Markets. You can read it here:


Just click the book cover on that page to start reading. You will also find a short video there on the "Big Picture" of affiliate marketing.

Of course Wealthy Affiliate covers those topics also. The eBook and video are just a bit of extra help if you are interested.

The WA Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to succeed as an affiliate in your area of interest. Beyond that, you can also promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate:


With a strong recurring commission structure, and a product that people love, this is a dream affiliate program that you now have access to as a Starter Member.

Although it is worth noting that the commissions are double for Premium Members, so the premium upgrade is worth considering for that reason alone if you decide to pursue this aspect of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are new to making money online, it will take you awhile to fully appreciate everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

If you have been struggling to get things working with your online business, then be prepared for some "light bulb moments" as you go through the training and begin to understand how the Wealthy Affiliate platform can accelerate your results.

I suggest the following steps to get started:

1. Complete your profile with a brief description of your goals, and of course with a nice photo of your smiling face! This makes a huge difference when interacting with the community here.

2. For a quick look at how easy it is to setup your first website (which is the basis for any online business), I highly recommend you take a look at Kyle's excellent video on creating your first website right here within Wealthy Affiliate in under 30 seconds (yes, this really is possible!): 3. Complete the free training lessons and videos to get started with your first niche website.


The fastest way to get your questions answered here at Wealthy Affiliate is to take advantage of the live chat and the question area at the bottom of each training module. There are many members here willing to help out.

These ways are faster (than asking an individual person) because you are more likely to connect with people that are actually online here at WA at the same time you are asking your questions.

Even before asking however, the search bar at the top of every page in Wealthy Affiliate is great for finding answers. That is what I use the most.

WA has been in business for over 10 years, so almost any question you can think of has been asked and answered already. The search bar is great for finding those answers,

Have fun in your first few days at Wealthy Affiliate!