Why does facebook challenge me each time I advertise wa?

Why does facebook challenge me each time I advertise wa?

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WA Affiliate Program

I am presented with a group of photos to choose if I decide to go ahead.

Ekautz is bang on the mark with his comments , and i can assure you it is not only WA that is being victimised in this way ! It seems to be whenever a group/business etc grows to a certain size in memebership, the FB Mafia see this as a threat to distract from their site, and it also stops people using autoposters which place ads automatically in FB groups. So FB the social meeting place where people can share ideas and opportunities, is being censored as they do in North Korea etc !

Thanks Pete. FB will fail as soon as folks realize they are being had. The problem is too many folks are already putting on the sneakers, drinking the koolaid and walking briskly into the ovens. FB = hell on earth and it makes users dumb. I will say again though ... it's a great big audience when you can get through to someone ... just press one to hear this in human. :-)


Plus when you click on the link you get an alert and it doesn't take you to WA, even after you click the security image.

They do that to me every time I try to post an article from my site too. Not even an affiliate link.

That's because FB is a propaganda machine and they choose what propaganda gets in.

Definitely. I noticed every time one of my bands promotes (for free) an up coming gig, less that 10% of the followers are reached.

Zuckerberg's a chump and he and FB are part of the corporate machine that needs an overhaul.

Too bad he doesn't practice what he preaches. Too bad for your band man - that stinks.

Never before in the history of the human race have so many people willingly given away so much information about themselves for free. The whole social network thing is just the means to an end. The end is mass data gathering for surveillance and marketing. Mark Zuckerberg doesn't care about the fact that we get to stay in touch with our friend and family. He just cares about the advertisers that pay him money.

Of course, the same is true about Google, unfortunately. Again, the whole thing of providing relevant search results for people is just the means to and end. It takes a lot of resources to run a search engine so sophisticated. Of course, they wouldn't do it if they couldn't make a profit from it.

But hopefully we can jump in there somewhere and grab our own piece of the big money pie...

Mike is right, Facebook does not like affiliate links. They only like them if you buy advertisement from them, then they're ok with it.

Are you posting DIRECT links to you WA Affiliate site? They don't like Affiliate links and you should refer people to a Landing Page first which leads to your WA Affiliate site.

You know what is working for me is sending my WA affiliate links that I wish to share to my FB business page. They go through fine after I select the correct security images.

Then I share that business site link to my personal FB timeline and again select the correct security images and all goes through fine.

This is great because I am able to share on both my business and personal pages, however I am building a landing page to use as well. Hopefully this will capture more conversions. :-)


You said it Eric! Obviously you know a whole lot more about Facebook and that sort of thing. It makes me realize how much I have to learn yet! This is excellent advice!

lol - That's about all I know Mike. :-)

I put up my posts and leave quickly, don't want to hang with the devil too long. :-)


You said it! But you obviously got a better grip on the semantics of FB. I have absolutely no clue!

I have the same issue and I just gave up! I find groups to post things to and share with the groups and friends! I have found that others in different groups will share my post as well.
Hope that helps some

I have not had this happen. I don't put ads to any thing on my timeline, but I do put title,descriptive paragraph, and pic from my latest post on there. From what I'm reading, it sounds to me as if Facebook is going after what they perceive as spam, not necessarily WA, as many folks seem to be indicating. It sounds like they're saying if you want to buy an ad, do so, but don't put it in the social section. This is understandable to me. If you're selling ads, it is counter productive to allow people to put them in a different place in a different place for free. Sometimes when I read an article on sports or politics, etc., there is a comment section below, and inevitably someone is ignoring the content and making some blatant statement about how much money they made yesterday by getting out of bed using some inane system that costs next to nothing. I think Facebook is trying to avoid these such actions. It looks worse to us, because it directly affects us. As a disclaimer, I have no great love for Facebook, I just see things different.

As I am not 100% clear on your question, I just posted a short blog on the subject of FB ads. Cheers!

I was putting a (blatant) ad on FB to get to my friends. I shall chase down your blog. Larry

A lot of social media sites don't like it if you just post affiliate links on them. You need to have a website link with actual content for them to not think you're a spammer. Idk if you're using your own website or just affiliate links, but your own website is a better way to go obviously. Facebook sucks anyways, I would abandon all hopes for success using it. No one on Facebook cares about good content anyways, they are only there to spread rumors and gossip.

Thanks, I'll give FB a rest until I know what I'm doing. Larry

Not sure what you mean - more specifics? I know Facebook does not like and will block direct links to recruiting/sales landing pages, unless you are buying a FB ad to do so. You can place a link within a post that takes the reader to a post or page on your site, where they can read about WA and then click on the recruiting link there, on your site page or post, but not directly on your Facebook wall.

Thanks for response. I have had many years of local ads going through in my posts. This attempt said WA was a bad site. Will follow your advice. Larry

allchristie, Facebook hates affiliate programs as a general rule however they will give you little to no trouble promoting WA or any other affiliate site if you first drive traffic to a content page rather than a landing page for that affiliate site.

For example: you promote WA in your Ad.."Try our internet marketing educational program and receive 2 free websites"

Than when they click your Ad, you link them to a content page showing value, maybe a video of you showing something learned on WA.. or a Post to your website reviewing WA and within your post the link to your WA signup page...

That is the proper structure for advertising any affiliate program
Ad ...Content/value page.....affiliate link

Hope this makes sense

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