My Second Chance .

Last Update: January 17, 2020

As many of you know, I am a retired health administrator and software services consultant.

I discovered, the amazing therapeutic properties of Hypnosis, three years ago, and it has changed my life!

I am posting to inform others of the wonders I found ... not to promote my services, but to encourage everyone to reach out to a Certified Professional for help should the need arise!

What ???

I get all kinds of funny looks, reactions and comments when I tell people I am a Hypnotherapist and providing services online ...

  • What the %^#@ are you doing that for?
  • Isn't that like Voodoo, or something?
  • Are you getting wierd in your old age?
  • No way, can you hypnotize someone online?
  • Huh ... ?

These are all (somewhat) valid questions ... as they are from the uninformed!

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, has been shown to be one of the most effective complimentary health services available on the planet! In fact, many other health modalities are really subsets or based on the hypnosis phenomenum ...

  • NLP
  • EFT
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Chants
  • Breathing
  • Mindfulness, etc.

These are all based on the core hypnotic technique of focussed concentration ...

Examples of Everyday Hypnosis

  • Daydreaming
  • Driving your car without thinking
  • Watching a captivating movie
  • Listening to an audio book
  • Reading, etc.

Every single person on earth, experiences hypnotic trance every day of their life ... A hypnotist, simply helps people to utilize the skills and abilities they already have ... to reset or change their reactions to outside stimulus

Fear, for example is the response to something happening which triggers a fight, flight or freeze response. In hypnosis we simply have the client find a more acceptable response to that stimulus ...

Similar concepts work for Trauma, Limiting Beliefs, Self-Worth, Confidence, and a myriad of other feelings we experience that can become debilitating and hold us back.

A Hypnotist shows the way, and guides the client, to their inner strengths and resources they already possess.

What motivates me?

It is simple ...

All my life I have been driven, to help others ... often to my own detriment!

However, when I get feedback from clients, such as ...

  • I highly recommend Allan, he's fabulous and his hypnotic voice is perfect. LK
  • His session was amazing and his voice very calming and reassuring anyone having these fears, I definitely recommend Allan MA
  • My experience was amazing! DW
  • Thank you so much, Allan, it was such a wonderful experience I can't even begin to describe it JH

I have no choice ... for as long as I am able, I will do this!

My "WHY" is crystal clear!

Is yours?

Awaken Your Potential

Allan Curtis

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Lydia19 Premium
Hello Allan. I do believe in hypnosis. I have a program that I listen to every night. It keeps my fears of not having enough to keep up with my expenses at bay. You will attract what you think about and fear is the worst. Since I hypnotized myself every night I no longer fear. So I don’t attract all that comes with the fear which is lack. I am doing much better and hope soon with the help of WA I will be financially free. Thank you for the nice post. Hypnotic works!
allancurtis Premium
Hi Lydia, good work ...
Overcoming fear, is so important to success ... a positive mindset allows you to build and seek opportunities that otherwise would never be possible!
Happy to hear that Hypnosis is contributing to your success and improving your life.

Best wishes,
Lydia19 Premium
Tank Allan
Babou3 Premium
You are so right. I myself went to see a hypnotherapist during a high period of stress and as you say so well it changed my life. It is true that it is good to consult a certified professional because there are also some black sheep in this area. But it's worth it.

allancurtis Premium
Ingrid, thank you for sharing your success story! When people realize how effective it is they often comment ... why on earth did I suffer so long!
Enjoy ...
FKelso Premium Plus
Hypnosis is a good tool. I've experienced its benefits. Yes, my "why" is very's written out where I can find it easily.
allancurtis Premium
Hi Fran, I am not at all surprised to hear that you have defined and posted your WHY where you can see it ... Keep up the great work!
Scwebu Premium
Amazing, keep going.