Christmas Time is not Always "Happy Time"

Last Update: December 21, 2019

Christmas Time is not Always "Happy Time"

The holiday season can often generate additional stress, sadness, and disappointments, which contribute to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

This is particularly true when we are alone at Christmas, loved ones no longer with us or busy with their own lives as priorities and obligations change over time.

Connections with loved ones can weaken, especially when there is distance between us.

You may be feeling the effects of ...

  • stress
  • fatigue
  • unrealistic expectations
  • overcommercialization
  • financial stress
  • the inability to be with one's family and friends
  • anxiety
  • inablilty to cope with the demands

When you are experiencing these feelings, it is important to pay attention and take action to alleviate the pressures.

A few ideas that may help you deal with the seasion are ...

  • Be mindful and practice deep breathing exercises to calm your mind
  • Let go of how it used to be - today is not the same as 20 years ago
  • Embrace saying “no” - do only what is best for you
  • Don't start a diet - your chance of dieting success, is much better when not stressed
  • Seek companionship - reach out to friends, family, church, neighbours
  • Perpare early - completing preparations early removes the stress of deadlines
  • Reserve time for yourself - in an activity, hobby or group doing what you enjoy!
  • The season is about giving - take time to give to someone in need
  • If you are feeling depressed, reach out to your local mental health help line ... there are volunteers standing-by to assist you.

Most stress is caused by unrealized Expectations

Change your expectations and your stress will deminish immediately!

You can not control what others do or say, changing your expectations, eliminates the stress when they do not do as you wish!

Seek help when needed, there is no shame as over 46% of the US poplulation will experience a mental illness during their lifetime and 5% of adults, in the US, experience a mental illness in any one year

Wishing you a joyful, stress free holiday season!

Allan Curtis

"Awaken Your Potential"

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Babou3 Premium
Really great post!
Thank you for reminding us that Christmas is not an easy time for everyone. It is a time of sharing and generosity and we often tend to focus on ourselves and our little world. Which is human, but like every year I spend Christmas morning with a homeless association and I will not forget to do it this year.

Merry Christmas!
allancurtis Premium
Great contribution Ingrid, you are making a difference in the world.
Best wishes to you and your family
spurway Premium Plus
Hi Allan

I agree with you. It makes me sad to see that even on Holidays family members can not set aside their differences.
It would be so much easier for people just to forgive and get along.
The people who spend Christmas alone or by themselves need all the support we can give. Bless them all in the spirit of Christmas.
Cheers Sylvia
allancurtis Premium
It is sad to witness these painful times for people ... offering a supportive hand can make a big difference, as it shows they are worthy of love and caring!

Bless everyone, especially those alone at this time of year!

anjumshahlla Premium
You are right! I could not agree with you more.
Thank you for sharing good strategies and coping mechanisms. Unrealistic expectations become our habits easily. It’s hard to believe in the harsh realities of life. We can try to become what we try to get or expect from others.

Best wishes for the holidays,

ThaboN Premium
I work in the mental health field, and I couldn't agree with you more. Sometimes the holidays seem to worsen people's anxiety. In such cases we counsel and encourage them to use coping skill such as humor. For example, I have a client who recently faced a death in the family back to back. Meaning two people in his family died within a month of each other. Just last week he came back from a wake after attending a funeral a few weeks earlier.

Here is the deal

What is saving this man from being a wreck heading into the holiday is his sense of humor. One may think my client uses humor to mask the pain he is going through. That would be a logical conclusion. However, that would be doing him an injustice. Humor has become an effective coping skill for this client. He is not in denial of his pain. He has just found a way to manage it.

In sum, the holiday can be stressful for many people. Perhaps we can learn how coping skill such as humor make things less stressful.

megawinner Premium
I couldn't agree with you more. A lot of us have different way of handling stresses has something to do with humor, acceptance of reality and deep abiding faith in God.
ThaboN Premium
I agree. Have a wonderful holiday season.

megawinner Premium
You too, my friend. And a prosperous new year!
allancurtis Premium
Humor can be very therapeutic ... after all the phrase "Laughter is the best medicine" is derived from biblical times ...
thelungdoc Premium
Very excellent observations.

Many times, the holidays are difficult times for people.

I can tell you as a critical care physician that during Christmas there will be more suicides and suicide attempts, overdoses, and profound depression.

It is both a glorious, beautiful time for some, but the darkest time of the year for others.

allancurtis Premium
Thank you, Dave, for your input into this serious issue. I hope everyone will take a moment to reach out to someone, even in a small way, to make their day brighter!