I'm also frustrated by the keyword rankings

Last Update: May 08, 2019

I just completed my fifth level of training so I went back thru all my training lessons that had anything to do with "Keywords". I went thru the 2 or 3 lessons that Kyle had, and the one Webinar by Jay dated January 18th of this year. I went to Jaaxy before I wrote my posts to choose appropiate keywords with high SEO rankings. I also had only one keyword per post like both Kyle and Jay suggested, since Google doesn't like when you have multiple keywords per post.

Well, this is what has happened to me. All the keywords with a high SEO rankings 95 or better, none of them have ever being ranked by Google on the first 20 pages. These same keywords have been ranked as high as page 1 and position 1 in Yahoo and in the first 5 pages of Bing, and these rankings can change from one day to the other. For example, last week I had a keyword ranked on Page 1 Position 3 in Bing. I just checked today and that keyword is not ranked by Bing anymore.

Anybody out there have any suggestions for me and my fellow WA members that are having this kind of problems with keywords.


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LLettau1 Premium
What I gather from others here at WA is that we must continuously post new content and keep everything fresh in the content on our website.
AAgudelo Premium
Hi Alfred.
Have you tried to check the keywords on google search console and bing webmaster tools?
You can find a reason why the keywords are not indexed or not being ranked for multiple issues.
You can also refer to
Bald Eagle Premium
These movements are pretty normal as they try to find where you slot in.
Don't worry about it
Just keep adding quality content and optimising it as per the training.
Things will settle down after a while