Another Member frustrated by the WA Rankings

Last Update: May 12, 2019

I thought that I was beginning to understand the WA rankings, until this week. I was told that my rankings were going down because I was not writing any blog posts. It's very hard for me to write, for some reason or other. In college, I paid somebody to write most of my papers, so I could concentrate on my other subjects because writing used to take about half of my time. Anyway, I started this week on Monday and my ranking was 6909. I published one blog post and my ranking on Thursday was 6647. On Thursday I published two new posts and one review on my website, two of my new keywords were ranked by Google and I checked today and my ranking is 6875. I read all my fellow associates' posts that I receive via e-mail, I finished my level 5 training, I attend all of Jay's Webinars Friday evenings.....So I guess if my rankings mostly depends on writing bolg posts in WA, then my rankings will never go up. I know that these rankings have limited meaning but it would be nice to see whenever I signed on to WA that my rankings have improved.

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
The rank is something that we are constantly evaluating, refining, and improving upon based what makes sense as an "ambassador".

A few of the main ones that are a constant focus and that people are seeing the best results with are:

(1) Those that have been helping people for a longer period of time, should have greater rewards than those that have a shorter period of time. New members can still move through the ranks, but someone that has been helping actively for the last 5-6 years shouldn't be ousted by someone that has been here 3 months and is helping around the same amount.

(2) People that are communicating will get rank, but those that are actively helping others will get higher rank.

(3) Those that are actually going through the training and using the tools/services here at WA are going to see their ranks go up, whereas those that are strictly communicating will not be able to achieve as high of a rank.

All of these items have been given careful thought and we feel that they are moves in the right direction.

You will see more shuffles as we move through the year and the ambassador rank algorithmic updates

Ultimately you want to focus on your business, that is your first focus. Naturally being involve here within WA, the training, the discussions, etc....will lead to improvement in your WA rank and your relationships that you will build here within the community.

I hope this clarifies things for you. :)
This has clarified some doubts
AkshaySaxena Premium
Hi Alfredo, glad to see your post. Yes, you're right in saying that good WA ranking motivates us. I reached till 200. Then became engaged in my other works, and my rank starts dropping.
Anyways, I no longer care about WA rankings anymore.
Working on website is important.
But, working on ourself and our mindset is even more important. 🙂
alfredg1948 Premium
thanks Akshay
ThongN Premium
I agree with RobFore.

It totally depends on your online business plan and vision.

And for the WA member ranking, writing a new post is just one of many ways you get WA higher rank.

Other ways can boost your WA ranking are:
- Follow and be followed back from other WA members. -> Small tips: being followed back from higher-your-ranking WA members boost your current WA ranking faster.

- Getting like for what you contribute and share in your WA activities.

- Getting like for your WA blog posts.

- Get more normal comments inside your WA blog and other aspects in WA -> in short, interact and communicate more with other members through their WA blogs, training.

- Creating your own WA training-> get like-> comment -> reply comments below your WA training.

So far, I suggest those activities because those are what I did about one year ago. My highest WA ranking at the time is in the top 200. (top 168 once in a while)

However, getting WA high-ranking is TOTALLY separate with your own online business.

Unless one of your website niches is our WA -> It means If you are promoting our WA as a niche, then your WA high-ranking is one advantage for your audiences and for your website.

Otherwhile, focus on building your own online business first.

Thank you for your time and good luck if you follow my suggestions above.
neilc Premium
Your Google rankings have no relation to WA rankings.

While it's commendable getting stuck into the WA community to help others, your actual WorPress website blog posting and online business as a whole should come first because that's what's gonna equate to a long term income.

My advice would be to work on your site and then contribute to WA using any free time you have. :)
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - your rank here is solely determined by your activity in the WA community. It is not affected by anything you do on your website. They are not connected in any way. Ranking here is based on asking and answering questions, creating blogs and training, welcoming new members and participating in Live Chat. Even if you get to the top 25 there are no perks, bonuses or monetary value.
Cali Premium
Just by engaging here in WA brings that number down. To some, it is more important than others. It has nothing to do with your learning and earning. But when you get on the forum here and ask questions, leave replies that will help others and provide training then the number gets lower.
DeniseAS Premium
Hi Alfredo, the rankings can be hard to get your head around. They are not only for blogging but also for your involvement in the community and time spent in live chat. I personally would suggest not getting too caught up in trying to lower your ranking, it seems to just happen on its own if you are active in WA. Work instead on making money from your website. My rankings dropped and sometimes I still find it strange to see my number, but I honestly do not pay much attention to them, as my efforts are going into my business. I am very active here, as when I need a break or have a question I do spend some time in the community. As another member said there are people in this community who are true ambassadors, but do not show up in the under 200 rankings.
Have a great day, Denise.
alfredg1948 Premium
I know I should not be worrying about my WA rankings. I am concentrating more on making money for sure but is always nice to see that your efforts are being recognized.
RobFore Premium
Might I ask what is the value having a higher rank in WA? Wouldn't you be much, much better served taking actions that move YOUR BUSINESS, income and lifestyle to the next level? What tangible, real-world benefit does having a great helper score bring to the table. I really curious as I see a lot of people seemly working really really hard to achieve top 200.
alfredg1948 Premium
Really it does not mean much financially.