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November 24, 2013
As some of you know I have been very busy this past week (or few weeks by now) - I don't even see the timeline properly anymore, I am that tired. I am currently moving into a new home (almost done!!!) and it's been hard, mentally and psychically. I got rid of at least half of my old belongings; clothes, furniture, dishes, CDs, DVDs and a million other things. And my new place looks like this: ... I think I will get rid of many other things in the next few weeks as I get to open all of these bo
November 22, 2013
I've been very busy for the past few days, packing all mu stuff and moving into a new place so I haven't had much time to spend online, however I did get a chance to make a few improvements on my IM blog. I have created a new set of social buttons to better suit my theme, however I also added a new button with a link to WA. Of course, it is my affiliate link. Is WA a social network? It is to me. Someone posts a question just like on a forum and I reply to that question. I make a new training r
I wanted to write this little blog post earlier but was too busy with my projects, however, I finally got some time to share this with you. I've got to admit, I haven't used the SiteRubix domains in a long time. As some of you know, I have recently created a basic site to share images with Wealthy Affiliate members (Free Images for WA Members) and I used SiteRubix for that. I was pleasantly surprised when the site was indexed by Google the same day I created it. In fact it was indexed within h
Well, I liked the response to my "training" Free Images For WA Members and decided to take the photo sharing to the next level. I have only shared Internet Marketing themes images here however over the years I have photographed a lot of things, buildings, places, etc. This is why I also created a website to share these photos with WA members, in case anyone will need them. ALL of the photos on the site were taken by me. All of the images were created by me so I am the only copyright holder. I d
This post has been inspired by Youtube... the NEW Youtube. For starters, let me explain a few things about "Staying Updated". We live in a constantly changing world and it's important for us to adapt fast, especially in the field of Internet Marketing. Now, this doesn't mean you need to run and buy every new shiny eBook that comes out on the market, but trying to keep up with the news is important. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to stay updated and learn new strategies however, I woul
Previously I shared a post titled Baby Steps [to success] and I have decided to keep on posting other parts of the success puzzle, parts that will hopefully help you move forward. Step to Success #2 – Choosing a Niche. Most beginner marketers completely destroy their heads trying to decide on a perfect niche – this is also why most people fail in creating a business. I have coached over 10,000 people since 2008 (on and offline) and I have noticed that a beginner must try, on average, 4
October 14, 2013
Most optimists keep looking for a magic shortcut to success. Most pessimists are sure that success in any form is an urban legend and most realists work hard on putting the pieces together, knowing that success is just a puzzle. When I started Internet Marketing in 2007 I believed in success but I didn’t have a plan of getting to it. Well, first of all do you know what success actually is? Success means totally different things to different people, so I wrote what success meant to me and how
October 10, 2013
For the past 6 years I've been receiving these cool e-mails from Wealthy Affiliate with a subject: Congratulations! A New WA Commission I really enjoy these e-mails especially the ones that state my commission is 14$ (current WA commission per sale is $22.50). Why am I happy to see the 14$? Because this was the amount paid out to WA affiliates in 2007 and 2008 (if I remember correctly) before the price went up, which means I have been getting this commission for the past 5-6 years! Every single
Hello, folks! It's been a while since I blogged here at WA, It is a lame excuse but - I've been too busy with many other things.I have been riding bicycles all the time when I was a kid but I stopped when I turned 15-16. This autumn I decided to get a bike for myself. Since I attend some courses - I sit most of the time, working at home - I sit, driving to school or anywhere else - well I sit in the car. I thought a bike would be a great work out. Besides, I don't get stuck in traffi
Hey folks! This is not so much of a blog post but rather a reminder that TODAY(Friday, November 25th 2011) Hostgator is offering a 50% discount on their hosting plans. Read more about it here: Hostgator Black Friday I have been with Hostgator since 2007 and I am 100% satisfied. For a very low cost you get unlimited domains hosting, unlimited bandwidth and great and fast 24/7 support (live chat, phone, e-mail). If you thought of getting a hosting account, TODAY is the day to do it.   - Alex